Milestone 6 - Diary Reflections

Term 4

Week 3:
Principal attended a cluster meeting on Sustainability and planning for 2013. (Goal 4)

Paula worked with ICT Leads to plan for School Sustainability and a Schoolwide Matrix. This is to ensure and sustain effective use and teaching of I.CT.throughout the school.
(Goal 3)

Term 4 week 2
ICT leads attended a cluster meeting at Glenholme (Goal 3)
The whole school is using a two week mathletics trial and all children have been given logins to use at home. Room 22 had a representative from mathletics work with the children and teacher for a day.
OOTV continues to air at each school/community assembly and all episodes can be viewed by our community through our school LMS. (Goal 1)

A junior class has created a rainbow adventure using Pizap. This was used to motivate writing and incorporated SOLO to extend thinking and to assess the learning outcome. The manipulated photos were also used as an assembly item, presented to the whole school and community. (Goal 1)
rainbow 1.PNGrainbow2.PNG
Term 4 week 1
Staff completed the on-line end of cluster survey. (Goal 3)
During the school holidays principal attended ACEL conference in Brisbane. (Goal 4)
Term 3 Week 11
During this term room 22 brought their narratives to life by using a range of tools, eg. powerpoit, Pizap and other recording devices. Ending with well presented movies which were shared with others on U-space. These will be presented to parents at SLC's in November. It was also part of the middle school contribution to OOTV. (Goal 1, 3 and 4)

Paula came in for a day this week and visited each classroom to see how we are integrating SOLO and e-learning in our teaching and learning and to see how far we have come as part of our ICT cluster. This will help form part of our sustainability/strategic planning for next year. (Goal 3)
Year 5/6 class integrated I.C.T. and e.learning into their Wearable Arts Technology/performing Arts unit. The children utilised You Tube extensively to view and resource globally ideas and resources to support their 'challenge'. Part of the contract involved presenting a performance to an audience which grew to involve the entire school and parents. A storyboard was created using digital photos in Movie maker that plotted their jouney, which was presented to the audience. They were introduced by a created avatar animated using Crazy Talk through the data projector. Personalised Music complimented the programme and was supported by a performance catalogue and advertising posters created using both word, publisher and pizap programmes. this was also uploaded to class page on school website to include overseas and absent family members. (Goal 1, 3 and 4)

Crazy Talk introduction to performance. Student reflection through Crazy Talk (Goal 1)

Term 3 Week 10
Using the Poetry Form Finder to structure poetic writing.

I am an animal poem
Emotional Animal Poem

DSC00305.JPG 1...2...3...4...5 Poems (Goal 1)

Term 3 Week 9
This weeks whole school staff meeting saw all teachers sharing their teaching inquiry with many focusing on the use of SOLO and ICT tools, software as effective approaches. (Goal 3)

A year 2 class has been using comiclife to aid procedural writing (Goal 1)

A snapshot of ICT/SOLO happening in the Year 1 Team:
Our newest class (Year 1 New Entrants)
Have been using the Olympic website to create their own Olympic sport mascots. They have been making use of senior buddies to help them in the ICT suite. They have been using photos to inspire writing after winning the School trophy. They have then shared these on their classroom window and on their class page. (Goal 1)
The Room 8 Teachers have also been creating and adding to their Ultranet Page. (Goal 3)
DSC00579.JPG DSC00578.JPG DSC00583.JPG
Our Year 1 classes have been using SOLO rubrics for assessment of learning:

DSC00598.JPG DSC00599.JPGDSC00600.JPGDSC00601.JPG
Wall displays and assessment: Students are grouped for writing based on their focus. There is a visual WALT with their focus and attached are examples of children's work showing what this looks like and also examples of SOLO Map's and planning used to achieve and motivate their writing. (Goal 1)

Listen to these children as they reflect on their learning:

The Year 1 team have loved using the avatar type websites such as the Wild Self and Olympic Mascot websites. We have also been exploring ways to motivate and celebrate childrens writing. These celebrations have included using Little Bird Tales, Youblisher, the walls of our classrooms and the classroom windows. (Goal 1)
Here are some examples:
Room 6's Class Page
Room 6's Little Red Riding Hood
Room 7's Naugthy Dog Stories
MY Dog

To celebrate the Star Writer by having the children publish their story in an interactive way (Goal 1)


Term 3 Week 8
An ICT project team (including Principal) meeting was held about sustainability for 2013 (Goal 2 and 3)

This week it was Aorangi turn to host another of our 'cluster shares'. Most Otonga teachers attended and 6 of our teachers shared/presented. (Goal 3 and 5)

SOLO in the junior school. In Room 7 they have been using plastic sheets with the SOLO maps drawn onto them. The children dictate their ideas to the teacher during class discussions and these are then written on post-it notes and the children place them on the map in the relevant place. The children have been looking at different countries. They have used a Define Map to talk about the information they know about this country. This information has then been manipulated onto a Compare and Contrast Map comparing the other countries with New Zealand. Inspiration to learn about the different counrties came from books (Japan), Sega-African school dream, and National Geographic Kids: India The children all shared ideas about what they saw and knew about these countries. It helped the children to compare the countries to their personal experiences and knowledge of New Zealand. Some children were able to repond to "why" questions and offer possible ideas. To make sure the children's ideas were not lost and forgotten their ideas have been typed into Wallwisher and shared on their classroom blog.
Their names have been typed under each of their personal ideas so we can track and monitor their progress and growth in sharing ideas across contexts as we use our SOLO maps. (Goal 1)

Junior team teachers shared websites that they have found valuable, how and why they have used them. a website suitable in the junior school it has e-books based at the appropriate level, logic puzzles, interactive games for building mouse and keyboard skills, literacy and numeracy focused games. especially noted for it's activities based on the Mathematics strands, it also has art, literacy, music and puzzle links. It is suitable for juniors simple, clear with a minimum of advertisements or distractions. wordle/taxedo type programme made with junior children in mind. (Goal 1 and 3)

Term 3 Week 7
Staff discussed in team meetings IT sustainability for 2013. What they would like to see in our school, what they see as their needs both for their personal development and development as a staff, what would they like to see maintained, implemented etc. These discussions were recorded in their team meetings and will be considered in Otonga's plan for IT sustainability in 2013. (Goal 2 and 3)

A middle school teacher has used skype to communicate with other students to enhance her own and student learning.(Goal 1 and 3)

The iPads are being used to enhance learning for our children with special needs. Here is an example:
Children with oral language as a main learning focus are making animated movies using Toontastic on the Ipad. They use inspiration such as their reader (book of the day). Together they choose characters and create backgrounds often by hand and manipulate and talk as the characters. They are then able to share their creations with their class and classroom teachers. (Goal 1)

A Kapa Haka page has been added to our Otonga School website. The website includes the practice schedule, our waiata and recordings of our waiata so students are able to practise at home and also share this with their whanau. In future we will also add upcoming events, meetings, updates and extra practices schedules. (Goal 1, 3 and 4)

At one of Paula's upcoming conferences she will be sharing Room 7's Blog in particular the children's story writing they have published and shared using the iPad and the Little Bird Tales app. (Goal 5)
Amazing Story Writing:
The Flying High Butterfly:

Term 3 week 6
Weekly newsletters are now sent via e-mail to parents and caregivers. (Goal 3 and 5)

Paula spent 3 days with us, working with lead teachers in their classroom. (Goal 3)

Paula worked with a group of children and Neil on the I-pads looking at different ways of shooting photos and videos and what they can be used for. She also shared some valuable apps which allow for student voice and annotation of their work which would enhance reflection in e-portfolios. (Goal 1 and 3)

Paula worked with Delanie on the Ipads. Together we looked at apps that can be used to make learning more visible and can enhance students learning especially through reflection. Little Bird Tales was a clear example of this in action as a class (Year 1) focus the students have been learning to write narratives with a beginning, middle (conflict) and end (solution). During this time we created 3 e-books, the children were able to be hands on and create their own page for the book themselves as the app is extremely easy to use and child friendly. The children read their story as it recorded so they were able to re-read their story, reflect on how their story sounded, hear other children's stories and modelling and think about what they could add or improve next time. These stories were then uploaded onto our blog to share with their parents at home. (Goal 1 and 3)

Term 3 Week 5
A page has been created on Ultranet containing readings, videos, resources, activities and unit plans to help teachers address cybersafety and digital citizenship. Staff are to plan for and discuss, model digital citizenship wherever ICT is integrated into the curriculum. (Goal 3)
Term 3 Week 4
Students are using SOLO to inquire about globalisation through the Olympics and about the Olympics themselves. (Goal 1)

Senior children are using voicethread to ignite their ideas about globalisation and the olympics.

ICT project team meeting was held this week. (Goal 2 and 3)

Term 3 Week 3
All teachers received cluster newsletter, thanks Mamaku for some great links and innovative ideas. (Goal 3)

Senior school having ongoing reflective discussions around using SOLO for the Olympics unit at weekly team meetings. How we are integrating our concept, with thinking maps and ICT. They have a goal to use Ultranets discussion forums with the children - teaching online discussion ettiquette, safety and appropriate commenting. This will help to for part of the childrens assessment for this unit around the barriers faced in an event like the olympics. (Goal 3)

Matt has held several e-asttle PD with staff as all of school try out e- asttle writing for the first time. The literacy team has worked on a rubric for Level one writers to help break progression into smaller steps. (Goal 3)

One senior class has successfully begun implementing regular ipad use during literacy block. Children have been introduced to 2 apps only to use at word work time supporting the childrens development of word building through use of word families, suffixes and prefixes.Using 'bluster' app mainly, but also "wordball". Children are responding positively and has been a good introduction to using the ipad as a learning tool. (Goal 1)

Kath and Cherie continue working on interoperability between ultranet and MUSAC, process was begun in term 2, still ironing out a few issues. (Goal 3)

Term 3 Week 2
ICT leads attended cluster meeting with Paula and afternoon met with Principals from the cluster school to discuss sustainability.
lead info (Goal 2)

Margaret took a staff meeting on moderation of maths and OTJ she shared various assessment tools on-line and using NZ maths website and the resources on the Wilkie way website. (Goal 3)

Senior team meeting - Lynne shared for daily maths problem. She is using this successfully in her cross grouping maths class as a daily warm up. (Goal 3)

OOTV episode 2 aired at school assembly. (Goal 1 and 4)

Talented group for TV crew starts every Thursday morning, Kath working with the TV crew in upskilling for moving forward.

Following on from the previous week the Year 1 classroom teacher has continued to use and manipulate the Define Map for friendship. The whole class have manipulated the SOLO Define Map Relevant/Non-Relevant they have looked at the ideas that tell us/show us what friendship is and the ideas that tell us what friendship is not. Then using the ideas that tell us what friendship isthey have created a class definition. This has also been shared on their class blog: (Goal 1)

Room 7 Defines Friendship:Friendship is when we are caring and kind to each other.Being friends means playing together, listening to each other and making each other happy.Friendship is caring about how each other feels and helping each other feel better.To be a good friend, share, take turns, be gentle, say sorry and speak in a kind voice and say nice things.Friendship is celebrating together and having a good time
Term 3 Week 1
A junior school teacher (with year 1 children) as part of their Olympic unit used a SOLO Define Map to Define friendship as a whole class. The children then wrote their own statement on what friendship means to them. To share their ideas and current understandings with their parents at home and create discussion around friendship Wallwisher was used to create a digital copy which was then embedded into their classroom blog The next step to further refine their understandings and definition of friendship will be to manipulate the SOLO Define Map Relevant/Non-Relevant What ideas tell us/show us what friendship is? What ideas tell us what is not friendship?. Then using the ideas that tell us what friendship is we can create a class definition. (Goal 1 and 3)
Staff meeting on e-portfolios - what it is, how it is being trialled in the school, options for 2013.

Week 10 term 2
TOD (on a Saturday) The end of term saw Otonga teachers having PD around SOLO for writing with Julie MIlls.

Teachers received PD for two days on ipads in education with Paula. (Goal 3)

Kathryn has been busy with some senior children in developing a TV show that is to be screened at whole school assemblies. At todays assembly OOTV had it's first airing and there was great excitement, the team reported about what was happening in the school and starred room 3 the class of the week. The reporters and presenters had created their own; presentations, reports, video clips and then used movie maker to create their show. (Goal 1 and 3)

Week 9 term 2
Two senior management attended the workshop-"iPad = iPower" which Paula held. (Goal 3)
Literacy team took PD at staff meeting on using e-asTTLe for assessing writing. They were shown how to use the on-line tools.

Middle school have been using SOLO and e-learning to enhance writing.
middle team

Week 8 Term 2
Senior management recieved PD on ICT from Paula. (Goal 2 and 3) Teacher aides had Pd with Paula re ipad apps.
All teachers attended a cluster share at Kawaha Point Primary school. Five teachers also presented. (Goal 3 and 5)
term 2 cluster share
Many senior school teachers now have students signed up to Sumdog - maths website - from this clustershare, and also from the children talking about and selling it to us. (Goal 3)

Cameras were purchased for each classroom to have in the room. These were soon put into use at the whole school ice skating trip.
(Goal 2 - Principal actioned spending)
During team planning for next term a page was established on Ultranet with links to activities for children to access to enhance their learning. (Goal 3)
Week 7 term 2
Teachers recieved valuable professional development on using Mimio interactive software from Waterman. (Goal 3)

After a whole school visit to our Marae, junior children have worked on writing recounts using SOLO sequence maps and then assessing themselves a gainst a sequence rubric. Through SOLO the children's writing has developed to include the 'why and because' of event occurance. Children are now explaining and reflecting on their experiences. (Goal 1)

Week 6 Term 2
All Teachers attended the cluster 'Making IT Happen' conference at Glenholme and St Marys schools. Five teachers also presented at the conference. (Goal 3 and 5)
Making IT happen

Junior, middle and senior teachers attended a SOLO swap meet at Aorangi to share; ideas, reflections, success, experiences, challenges and questions around SOLO. (Goal 3 and 5)