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Was it effective?
National Goal 1Students to become successful digital citizensCLUSTER GOAL 1Akonga are using e-learning and SOLO Taxonomies to support and enhance their achievement.
Use of Skype as a learning tool
  • Principal Skypes Junior classes
  • Senior class Skype an ex Aorangi teacher now based in Indonesia
Senior learners recited poems for assessment relating to oral language, they were recorded using a digital camera.

Students using "HOT" (Higher Order Thinking) tools to support in class literacy learning.
Senior Student using a Prediction Map (SOLO) to support learning School wide Topic study (Energy). Learner added content using classroom/suite computer.
Rumaki learners used ICT tools to enhance their classroom learning
  • Photo Story

to retell a Maori Story to share with others.

National Goal 2Principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational)CLUSTER GOAL 2Principals will coordinate the development of e-learning for ALL Akonga.

Principal and AP attended a "HOT" workshop facilitated by Graham Watts held in the Hawkes Bay.
This workshop explored "HOT" (Higher Order Thinking) maps. How this linked to current SOLO implementation was explored by Principal and AP.
Principal provided funding for e-learning to continue
  • Lead teacher to attend Cluster planned PD opportunities
  • Teacher release to spend with facilitator in school
Principal/BOT applied for grants to update and purchase desktop computers and mobile learning devices (iPads) - which were purchased in Term 3.
Computers that were replaced in ICT suite have been transferred back into classroom to further support classroom learning and to support ICT being infused through classroom experiences.
2 Data projectors purchased, one fixed in the Library and the other is portable for classroom use.
Principal, ICT Committee, BOT reflection and development of current ICT strategic Plan and Overview for 2011-2013.

National Goal 3Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all studentsCLUSTER GOAL 3Increase teacher knowledge and expertise that will work towards raising student achievement through e-learning and SOLO Taxonomy.

Staff Meeting 15th August
Lead and DP have introduced the LMS Ultranet to all staff.
Staff were shown how to set up their classroom home page.
Home Page:

Staff Meeting 19th September
Ultranet focus
Staff Workshop
ICT Team member led a staff development session involving the Science Learning Hub (Treasure Hunt).
Cluster Workshops
Lead Teacher, ICT team member and several staff attended an after school workshop at Ngongotaha (Smart Arts) hosted by Dean (Lead Teacher).
Lead Teacher Days
Lead teacher attended one half day (Term 3) one half day (Variation planning and ideas for next year), one full day (Term 4).
Teachers now using SOLO maps and rubrics with increased confidence across the curriculum (mainly in topic with a plan to infuse through other curriculum areas).

National Goal 4Family and Whanau to actively participate in their child's learningCLUSTER GOAL 4Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of elearning and SOLO Taxonomy to the school community.

Ultranet Introduction
Teachers are building on their understanding of this online environment so that community can be involved at a later date. A future focus will be on posting newsletters online for community to access.
School Assembly
Junior teacher used ICT (You Tube clip) to teach her learners a song (Going on a Bear Hunt) and then share the performance at a school/community assembly.

National Goal 5The sector by sharing online professional reflections to inform colleagues of the challenges and opportunities afforded by e-learning.CLUSTER GOAL 5Inter-school and acrossschool collaboration within the cluster extends professional learning and enhances pedagogical practice and culminates in a series of e-presentations for a national audience.

ICT lead and the Principal visited the RCICT cluster schools with a focus on viewing how other schools are using ICT and SOLO.

The RCICT cluster visited our clusters school and saw SOLO and ICT being used in our classrooms. They also viewed senior students working in our ICT/Library suite.
Our Principal shared our current strategic plan and provided copies for all those that attended.
Also units with SOLO planning and rubrics to fit into our Key Competencies were shown, discussed and provided.

ADD photo from SOLO visits.
All Staff attended Cluster wide Conference October 25th, which 130 teachers from our 7 Cluster schools participated in.

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After the conference three Senior teachers shared their new learning (from the Photography workshop with Kaharoa teacher) with the senior school children using Pizap (for 5 frame storytelling)