Goal 1:

Students to become successful digital citizens

Goal 1:

Akona are using e-learning and SOLO Taxonomies to support and enhance their achievement.


The Junior team are making effective use of the computer suite and information library - they access websites to support and enhance their learning and everyday experiences. They are infusing the Key Competencies to become independent self managing and contributing citizens.
The library is using a "Website of the Week" board to hook both teachers and learnings in to authentic and 'proven' web resources.
  • Example of ICT learning experiences from one Junior Classroom:
Music Appreciation (Peter and the Wolf) - Using a variety of media to compare and contrast e.g. Video (Music/Narration) to enhance the classroom programme and learning. Dance component (Royal Ballet), see below.

Peter and the Wolf http://youtu.be/ILI3s7Wonvg
Royal Ballet http://youtu.be/iCoBFTw64b0

Gingerbreadman Shared Book (both Hardcopy and Digital) - Traditional tale to support shared book experiences.

Keyboard skills (Click and Drag) using the Paula’s Pages Only2clicks site link

Individual classes bookmarking sites that directly relate to students needs and appropriate levels.

Example From One Classroom: SOLO

  • Learners were exposed to hardcopy book (shared story) then online version (You Tube)
  • Literacy Activities related to book (eg, Describing words, “Explain” Writing experiences, Define Map)
  • SOLO (HOT TOOLS - Graham Watts) sequencing of Little Red Riding Hood
  • SOLO used to explore "Truthful and Untruthful" "Honesty and Truthfulness" in relation to the story.
  • Retell of the story in their own words
  • Quality of writing improved dramatically after the immersion in the process
  • Science Unit (Self Assessments against SOLO) Forces and Motion in ALL classes

    Example of HOT Maps used in Junior Classes

ICT was used to publish writing about Butterflies

Junior Trip to Hamilton Zoo - Teacher and students used ICT (Digital Camera) to record experiences that could later be infused throughout the classroom programme.

One teacher chose to create and display children's work using "Photo Books" (perfect size for littlies hands!) with photo's the students and teacher had taken - then they wrote about and published their thoughts and reflections.




Independent Research Projects (learners share with other useful sites they find)
For Example: Mammals

Camp: Took photo’s (Year 4/5 and 6) and Video (Year 6) of all of the activities (in Auckland) used photo’s to support their literacy lessons eg Retell.

A variety of ICT tools were used to record the Senior Camp experiences such as Power Point, Shape Collage and Wordle.Using Powerpoint and Keynote (Experimenting with adding voice and sound, new learning for both teachers and students)

Students used the Web 2.0 Tool - WORDLE to describe their camp experience

One example from a Senior Class
Compare and Contrast Video’s -Matariki, one version from “Gods” perspective and the other “Stars” - Teachers accessing You Tube.

SOLO Examples in the Senior School

Goal 2:

Principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational)

Goal 2:

Principals will coordinate the development of e-learning for ALL Akona.


Principal's Reflection

We have continued to focus on the integration of ICT into teaching and learning programmes across the school. A group of students are working with the ICT Manager at lunchtimes, developing their research and ICT skills so that they can then 'teach' other students and staff. We have increased our pod of ipads to six and these are available to all students in the library. In order to maintain our infrastructure, a new UPS was also purchased. We are currently holding professional development sessions on e-asTTle for staff and also plan to expand our use of the Learning Management System and introduce individual student learning portfolios. These will be able to be accessed by parents who visit the school as well as those who have internet access in their homes.

Principals PD Trip to Nelson (Sustainability Focus) Week 8, Term 1
Nelson Timeline

Goal 3:

Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students

Goal 3:

Increase teacher knowledge and expertise that will work towards raising student achievement through e-learning and SOLO Taxonomy.

Clustershare Link - __https://paulaspages.wikispaces.com/T%26C+Clustershare__
Two teachers presented a 10 minute sharing session
Junior maths games and click and drag skills - referenced to websites.
Senior teacher shared LMS (Ultranet platform) - journey to date (LINK)


Two teachers attended the SOLO gatherings to share and reflect with other Junior teachers.


One teacher attended the SOLO gatherings to share and reflect with other Junior teachers. (8th March - immediately after intro session!)

One teacher attended ICT Workshop (hosted at Aorangi 22nd March) Writing inspirations
Workshop Booking Link:


Three teachers attended SOLO sharing session at Ngongotaha

Lead Days -
Link: https://paulaspages.wikispaces.com/Lead+Teacher+Info
In School PD/Staff Meeting (ICT/SOLO component) - sharing Web Sites, Planning which includes ICT/SOLO etc

1st March - Three teachers attended workshop hosted at Glenholme and facilitated by Paula "Making the most out of Digital Photos's"
6th/7th March - One teacher attended the SOLO introduction days held at Glenholme school with Pam Hook.

Teachers and Students in Senior school successfully using folders to organize, save and access school resources and work.


Websites used across School:

Science "Simple Machines"
Ed heads - http://www.edheads.org/activities/simple-machines/
Mi Kids - http://www.mikids.com/Smachines.htm

Cross Curriculum
Tut Pup - http://www.tutpup.com/
Wordle (descriptive writing as a writing prompt) http://www.wordle.net/
Pizap (for collages) - http://pizap.com/

IXL - http://nz.ixl.com/

Software Programmes being used by Seniors:

Auto Collage programme
Powerpoint - photo's and sound
Photo Story 3 - added music

Goal 4:

Family and whānau to actively participate in their child’s learning

Goal 4:

Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of e-learning and SOLO Taxonomy to the school community.

Newsletter - Photo’s included with children actively taking part in ICT experiences and examples of their work

Student Led conferences - Achievement books shared with an ICT component.
Learners have the opportunity to share lessons and skills gained on the computers, also opportunity to share websites used in Literacy and Numeracy programmes with parents and Whanau, able to role model. Parent encouraged to ‘walk the walls’ to view ICT and SOLO rubrics and lessons.

Ultranet - Staff becoming more aware of it’s purpose and use (Ongoing project)
Link to Ultranet HERE

Goal 5:

Sharing online professional reflections to inform colleagues of the challenges and opportunities afforded by e-learning

Goal 5:

Inter-school and across-school collaboration within the cluster extends professional learning and enhances pedagogical practice and culminates in a series of e-presentations for a national audience.

Otonga School has contributed to the VLN as part of our Milestone 5 requirement.

Link: __http://www.vln.school.nz/pg/resources/paulajamieson/read/594084/our-journey-with-ultranet-reflections-from-otonga-school__

ALL teachers now receive our monthly Cluster "Noticeboard" Newsletter via email (for Sustainability each school in the cluster is having a turn at this on a rotation basis.

Link: __https://paulaspages.wikispaces.com/Notice+Board__