Milestone 6 Report
"It is not the tool itself that transforms the learner.
It is the teacher's understanding, design and practice,
i.e. the way the teacher advances teaching and learning for understanding with technology,
that leads to the transformation."
(Thanks Paula)

2013 - Future Direction

Continuation of Tech Angels group with an expectation that these students then teach another group.

Participation in teacher only day.

Focus shift to greater student involvement in the integration of e-learning into teaching and learning programmes, the use of the Learning Management System as a means of students being able to show the learning process – not just the completed piece of work.

Expansion of use of ipads with another set purchased for use in classrooms.

Week 2
During weeks 1 and 2, our senior school went to the Aquatics for our yearly swimming lessons. Throughout these weeks, photographs were taken to be used as part of their assessments for Achievement Books. Senior children had to choose and arrange these images using 'Word', 'Pizzap', or 'Auto- Collage'. Examples from Room 7 and 11. (Goal 1)
Aorangi 2.png

Teachers completed an online end of year cluster survey. (Goal 3)

ICT Technician came into school and updated I Pads ready for use again.

At present we are trialling wireless modems which are fitted to the wall, with the prospect of installing throughout the school. We already have wireless, but only serves part of the school. (Goal 2)

Week 1
All classes have been very busy working on title pages for their Achievement Books. Here they must follow criteria using various applications e.g Word, Word Art, Inserting pictures, borders and so on. Examples from Room 11. (Goal 1)

Our Facilitator has also come into our school and worked with some teachers regarding end of year cluster survey. (Goal 3)

Weeks 1-11
Data projectors have been installed in the library and the hall. These have been used in conjunction with assemblies and fitness times. Teachers are being up skilled in using this technology and are gradually becoming a part of everyday use as teachers have turns at hosting the assemblies. (Goal 2)

Solo has continued to be an integral part of our learning. SOLO is a main tool for learning. The use of Hot Tools are being implemented and the Rubric, being used for assessments. (Goal 1)

Aorangi 3.png
Aorangi 4.png

Junior Teachers have had on-going lessons with teaching children the necessary skills to ‘Log On/Off’, using both Apples and PC’s. (Goal 1 and 3) Examples from Room 4
Aorangi 5.png Aorangi 6.png

To incorporate computer skills and using voice over is what another junior teacher has done with her children. These children have used this skill when reciting their poems. (Goal 1) Example Room 5

Insert sound files here.....

ICT Lead teacher attended ICT Lead days at Glenholme during this term. (Goal 3)
A LMS Facilitator visited our school and worked with our DP, showing him what he needs to know to pass onto the rest of the staff, for them to become more confident when they get to do their page. During this term, teachers were set outcomes to achieve before the end of Term 3. Most teachers have accomplished the set outcomes. (Goal 3)

Our Tech Angels met with other children from schools in our cluster. They all came together to learn new skills using different website. From this, they shared with the other Tech Angels what they had learned. (Goal 1 and 5)

Town and Country Cluster shares were held at various schools with our teachers sharing their knowledge in TKI Maori Resources/Kura Taia - Creating Your Own Book in Te Reo and Oral Language – Junior Poetry, using Digital images and voice over’s added into PowerPoint.
(Goal 3 and 5)
Teachers have been successful in integrating effective e-learning across the curriculum.
These are some of the websites that the children used for the topic work. (Goal 1 and 3)
Pushes and Pulls – BBC Interactive


Fizzing and Foamaing
  • Paula’s Page – Science Bob – Experiments
  • Google Search – The Science of Hokey Pokey
  • You Tube Video – How Coco Cola is made?

Term 2
Teacher Only Day (Goal 3)
Principal’s Meetings re planning for 2013 and beyond.
Memorandum of Agreement signed for the cabling for ultrafast broadband