Goal 5

The BOT and community are informed about and engaged in e-learning.

Practical Tasks and Examples

School displays in staffroom for teachers, BOT parents can see our journey and purpose of contract – e-learning.


- Cluster & School ICT Goals
- Staff sharing zone where staff can share e-learning experiences within their classrooms with all staff
- New Ideas sharing area, tools, websites etc – all staff able to update. Suggestion Box – for staff, community and children
- Promote ICT in a positive way – what’s happening in our school, showing growth and our journey.

Unpack cluster goals with staff at each schools – postit task
- Staff meeting unpack each of the cluster goals with the staff, what do they mean? What do they look like? How could we achieve these goals using postits to share ideas about goals. (Like task we did on 1 Sept 2010 with Rocky).
- Complete activity with board of trustees to give them a greater insight to what contract is and what it is about.

Job descriptions which are broken down explaining the role of ICT Lead teachers.
- Approach principals for specific roles/ job description of ICT lead teachers.

Parent evening explaining what e-learning looks like in our school.
- Sharing evening explaining what e-learning is and how our school is implementing it within our curriculum.
- Interactive showing some of the learning children have already accomplished.
- Sharing the tools we have in our school and how they can be used.
- Sharing possible ideas how they can continue e- learning at home.
- Children sharing their own work – present e-learning to parents.
- Interactive session where community can have a go.

Assemblies showcasing ICT tools being used.
- Invite community to assemblies – promote assemblies
- Encourage staff to use e-learning tools for assemblies
- Share exciting new equipment, recourses in assemblies
- Using powerpoints in assemblies
- Making movies to share with school
- Using audio equipment

Student led ICT workshops for parents/caregivers/community.
- Start at class level
- Questionnaire sent home to parents/caregivers/grandparents. What would they like to learn in the way of ICT? Provide few options to start with. E.g. powerpoint, download photos, photostory, skype, ript, how to use youtube, Microsoft word, movie maker, paint. (Ask children for ideas on what they would like to teach parents. Have a box for other ideas parents would be interested in learning on questionnaire).
- Collate information then offer an e-learning evening/day where guests book a time slot and work with the children teaching them their selected ICT tool/programme.
- Before evening tech children the programme and how to teach the programme. Provide learning experiences where they are teaching their peers and possibly teachers before the evening.

Scaffolding for parent evening/day.

- Teach children how to use tool/programmes.
- Teach children how to teach/ effective questioning and how to deal with tricky situations/questions
- Teach peers
- Teach buddy Class
- Teach Teachers -Teacher needs, buddy children with teachers to teach them new tool/programes based on teacher needs and student capabilities.
- Teach Parents/caregivers - Evaluation - if proven to be a worthwhile task, next step to expand to wider community hosting student led community evening/day.
School Websites have ICT pages with helpful links, information etc.
- School websites need to be user friendly with the links made to useful websites, information and what we are doing in schools.
- Promote websites within school
- Class pages
- Promote Cluster Wiki within each schools

Teacher Sharing across the cluster

- Use wiki to share ideas.

- Visit different schools to share learning and ideas.

- Take examples of children's work to share.

- Share SOLO.

Kids ICT conference – facilitators to do specific e-learning workshops
- Apply for funding for facilitators and general running costs of conference. Children would would also pay to attend to cover costs. - “BEST for kids conference” - Variety of breakouts linked to ICT.
Cluster newsletter

- Create a cluster newsletter to go out once or twice a term to share things that are happening within the cluster, e-learning experiences and new ideas.

- Share within the cluster who is in charge of each issue.