Welcome - have a look at what has been happening at St Mary's Catholic School.

Term 4 2012

Week 6 Term 4
Our Year 5 students are at camp - and the extra cameras we have are coming in handy.
On Thursday we hosted the Principal of Waikite Valley School and the Lead Teacher from Kaharoa - who came to see how we set up
our Ipads and what we are doing with them.

The Curriculum Team in charge of ICT and Thinking met on Thursday and looked at the results a self review using the "Developing an eProfile"
document. Then we used the Elearning Planning Framework to come to an agreement of where we currently think the school is at -
and this then clearly indicates our next steps. We also looked at our strategic plan and started to look at what we might focus on re elearning at
our school in 2013.

Week 5 Term 4
The School Production - the Elves and the Shoemaker is on this week and we are selling CD's of photos taken at the show and DVD's
of a video of the show. We hired lighting and sound gear for the show - what a difference this makes - was well worthwhile. See our lovely
photos on our school website www.stmarysrotorua.school.nz

Week 4 Term 4
Our ELL students have been busy using the Ipad to share their learning. This is an example of what they have been doing
My story
National Goal 1

Week 3 Term 4
On Thursday evening a group of 26 parents. students and teachers travelled across to Tauranga for the Made Awards.
It was a fabulous evening with some awesome student work on show. We were very excited to come runner up in the Year 1-3
Music Video category. Congratulations to Kaharoa for their runner up award in the Static Image and for also winning the best male actor
award - the guy from their documentary was fantastic. One of our parents who came is also a teacher and I am sure we will see some
work from his class in next year's competition.

made awards 1.jpgmade awards2.jpg
On Tuesday afternoon our Principal and AP travelled to Apanui School in Whakatane, having been asked to meet with their ICT Lead
Teachers then run a staff meeting about what we have done to ensure Ipads are being used effectively to promote learning
in our school.
National Goal 5

On Tuesday afternoon the parents of all Middle School students were invited into the classes to see the student's learning.
There was an emphasis on the students being able to show their parents their online portfolios. There was a fair turnout from
parents and even a few parents who had not been onto their child's online portfolio. This was just another attempt to help parents
be more involved in their child's learning.
National Goal 4

We are taking a break from our Ipad Users group meetings for a few weeks - due to school production and camps.

Some students have developed a short explanation to go with the new Rabbits at our school. They used little bird tales
which a classmate had taught them after returning from a Tech Angels day.

National Goal 1

Week 2 Term 4
Many classes are working on improving their home school partnership. Some teachers email weekly newsletters from the
teacher to the parents to let them know what is planned for the week ahead. Quite a number of teachers are new to blogging
this year and are using the class blogs to keep parents informed. An examplefrom Room 5.
National Goal 4

On Tuesday our Principal went to Wellington to meet with other Catholic Principals, the Catholic Education Office and Microsoft.
They were looking at the possibility of using Microsoft 365 as a space for Catholic Schools to share resources and
National Goal 5

On Friday we hosted the Catholic Principals cluster meeting at our school. They asked us to share our journey with setting up
Ipads in our school - what we did, how we did it, things we would do differently and tips and tricks. They they visited classrooms
to examples of the student work being done on Ipads.

Week 1 Term 4
Our Facilitator was at school for a day, working with students and teachers. After school she helped staff
complete the end of cluster survey online. teachers used their laptops to complete the survey in
the staffroom.

We have been busy processing new Ipads, setting them up for classroom use. It has been quite a big project but we are thrilled
to have more available for student use.
Great news to hear that three of our entries into the MADE Awards are finalists ( one of the top 6 in their category)
The Year 1 -3 finalist for the Music Video category entry can be viewed at Unwritten Music Video and the photos
that made the finals are:
StM_309for web.jpgStM_321.jpg
Congratulations to Maisie Russell Year 4 - Canned Nature - Manipulated Images Year 4-5 Category finalist
Alex Cameron Year 3 - Sunset - Static images Year 1-3 Category finalist
We will have a group of 30 parents and students going across to the MADE Awards evening on Thursday 8 November
in Tauranga.

During the holidays the school's two lead teachers attended the Ulearn conference in Auckland.
They also attended the Google apps pre-conference day which was really worthwhile. It was also interesting
to have this day hosted at Albany Senior College - over 300 teachers participating. Albany Senior College is a
modern learning environment and it is certainly a school that Bevan and I felt we would like to have worked in as a
National Goal 5

Term 3 2012

Week 11 Term 3
A number of student leaders have been preparing presentations for the Leaders Assembly on Friday. Great use is being
made of digital technology for this.
National Goal 1
We will take a group of parents and students to the MADE awards in Tauranga in November - finding out who wants to go
so we are all prepared with numbers when tickets go on sale.
New projectors are up in the new classrooms. Now know that different projectors should be set at different distances from
the Interactive Board - luckily we found out before they went up!

Senior Team classes have held events to share their learning with parents/whanau. An example of how Room 5 have
been using SOLO follows:
Whanau Evening - SOLO example
National Goal 4

Week 10 Term 3
The MADE Award entries have been sent ( see www.madeawards.com for more details about this National Media and
Digital Excellence Competition). St Mary's entered in four categories:
15 entries in the Year 1-3 and Year 4-6 categories for Static and Manipulated Images
I entry in the Year 1-3 Music Video category ( we were thrilled to gain copyright permission to use Natasha Bedingfield's
song Unwritten - didn't come through until the last minute though!)
4 entries in the Year 4-6 Commercial Category.
National Goal 1

Dave has been at the Principal's conference in Melbourne.

Ipad users group looked at how they can make use of QR codes this week.
Paula worked with our Junior School team on Thursday - more ideas to help with using Ipads in the classroom.

Week 9 Term 3
Meeting with some providers of ultrafast broadband - still trying to work out the best way of doing this in our school given that
we already are locked into a phone contract. There seems to be some room to negotiate good packages and we have
been looking at a 100mps down and 100mps up package.

The Ipad user group met at McDonalds for their weekly meeting. Paula our cluster facilitaror joined the group and
contributed to the discussion around what learning the group had done over the past weeks and any new apps which
were shared.

The Geekforce group worked with a teacher on Friday to produce some commercials for the MADE awards.
The students were really enthusiastic and the teacher learned about managing groups of students working on projects
where they all had quite different needs. Here is a link to to the Geekforce website.

Week 8 Term 3
Great news on Friday - more funding gained to purchase some more Ipads. Thank you to The Southern Trust for your support.

We also moved into our new office block after nearly two terms of building work. Have purchased some TV's for the meeting rooms and
school foyer -watch this space.

The Board of Trustees meeting is next week. For the first time, our BOT Secretary uploaded all the meeting documentation on to
KnowledgeNET. This is the second BOT meeting that BOT documents have been uploaded onto our LMS. Board Members have
access to their own BOT area on our LMS. Interesting that at the last meeting some of our Board Members came
armed with their Ipads. It is a period of transition - the data projector was used at the last BOT meeting to project the documentation
under discussion but some still feel the need for a few paper copies to be available on the night.
National Goal 4

Have organised our presenters for the next clustershare. After this event all our fulltime teachers will have presented at either one of our
ICT Clustershares or Cluster Conferences. Well done team! Great support provided to those who are less confident to present an ICT
session in front of other teachers too.

Had our Health Promoting Schools team meeting. Online survey being prepared using Survey Monkey and portfolio for accreditation is going to
be done on a google site - we're being innovative and have had to wait for the go-ahead for this one... but it has happened. Showed our
HPS Co-ordinator from the District Health Board what google sites could allow us to do and they are very supportive of us being innovative.
National Goal 4

The ICT Lead Teacher from Westbrook School visited Anne to discuss how we have managed to implement ICT's effectively into all our

Paula spent a day at our school. Our librarian was thrilled to have one and a half hour's of Paula's time to assist her with the library blog and
ideas for making greater use of ICT technologies in our library. This is what our librarian has shared:
"I was thrilled to be allocated an hour and a half with Paula and had a very productive session, during which I learnt a couple of key things
to enhance my library blog. Firstly, Paula showed me how to develop additional pages which I could use to promote things like library
competitions, or research and reading websites. I am now working through further additional pages I could develop, which will be useful
and fun for the children, and really build on our school’s reading culture. Paula then showed me how to create a slideshow, using Photo
Peach, of photos which children have sent in as part of an extreme reading photo competition. I then embedded it, with Paula’s guidance,
into my blog, and it has since generated some great comments, both online and face-to-face!"

Week 7 Term 3
Today a teacher was out of the class for CRT and usually that means the class use of ICT is less than normal. However now the students can
carry on using ICT as a tool for learning as these students did by using an ipad and adapter to connect to the iwb. It looks like the relief teacher
is happy to be able to use the ICT with the children driving it.
National Goal 1

Anne worked with some John Paul College staff members on Tuesday before school - sharing a photographic presentation to give a snapshot of
what is happening at our school re SOLO. Great to see that there is a group of JPC staff keen to find out more about how SOLO could be useful to
them, particularly since most of our students move on to JPC.
National Goal 5

We hosted the Principal and Deputy Principal from the Catholic Primary School in Te Aroha on Wednesday. They were keen to find out more
about SOLO and the Concept Curriculum.

Week 6 Term 3
The Ell teachers have taken charge of their ipads and have been learning how to use them. Thye have set up an itunes account to sync and
they have also set up email and webdav for sharing work. The students have been using the ipads to show their learning. Here is an example of the learning from a teacher.

During a discussion about the ipads one teacher recounted a story about a reluctant writer who had produced more than ever before simply by
using book creator on the ipad . The motivation had gone through the roof.

The ipad user group met on Friday morning with a guest from the Museum also joining the group.

The junior team had an online training session with a trainer form elsewhere via Skype. This was significant because it was the first time some
of the teachers had used skype at school. Feedback was that the training on ziptales was great and that skype was "So easy to use."

The Librarian and Assistant Principal have launched photographic competitions for students to enter. Here is a link to the school library blog
- we are very proud of this.
The winners will then be able to go on to the MADE awards later in the year.

Week 5 Term 3
sample for anne-1.jpg

This week the Senior team share some of the things they have been doing.
  1. Room 5 have a new virtual class member who is giving instructions, and being part of the class. Great response from the students!
  2. All class blogs are proving really popular and a great Home/school partnership Room 3 Room 5 Room 1 http://charlottetravels.blogspot.co.nz/ http://charlestheadventurer.blogspot.co.nz/
  3. Room 1 revitalised their only2clicks site - now is working really well and providing a great start point as we focus on summary/research skills as part of reading
  4. Room 3 are enjoying the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and opinions through the forums on Knowledgenet
  5. Room 2 Maths class have been using some great maths games that have the student so motivated they are wanting to use in their own classes
  6. MathsBuddy continues to be a very useful support tool in the target maths classes. Students often relate what is happening in group teaching sessions to tasks they have completed on mathsbuddy
  7. Room 1 continues to get very positive parent feedback from the weekly email/newsletter sent home ( see sample above)
National Goal 4

Week 4 Term 3
From a Yr3/4 teacher
Our class has been using the camera on the i pad to photograph events around school so we can then use them in class.
National Goal 1

From a year 2/3 teacher: "Room 10 have been using the ziptales website at least two times each week, as part of our reading lessons -
the children are required to read a story and then do at least one of the activities related to that story, I also use it often at the end of the
lesson as a shared story. Room 10 have been using the basic facts on Tutpup or toytheatre as an extra activity when they have finished
their learning activity in the class."
National Goal 1

Year 4 Lead teacher : "I have pretty much handed over ownership of the class blog to the students. I initially taught one of our more able
students to blog via the ipad and now she is going through a class list teaching all the other student. This has altered the shape of our
class blog to be more a diary than previously but that is fine - it goes wherever it is best for the student's learning."
Friday: The ipad user group met before school. The agenda was left quite open so staff were encouraged to share via the sharing circles.
Staff were able to discuss tips and tricks they have learned. The group are using Google sites as a tool to share reflections, readings and other resources.

Paula ( ICT Facilittor) presented a workshop on Ipads.
Prayer - Teresa shared a PowerPoint and wished staff well for Mary Mackillop day on Wednesday.
Paula made a presentation to staff around different iPad apps. Paula showed staff her scoopIt , only 2clicks and other online spaces/resources.
Some useful Apps:
Tippy Memories -For writing prompts or any question, even solo type questions that the teacher wants to use. Multi layered , audio, visual, text and it can be emailed when finished.
My Popplet - brainstorming app.
Toontastic - story creator.
Discussion about restrictions and synching ipads developed with Bevan , Anne and Paula answering a range of questions and demonstrating - including:
  • How to create folders
  • How to turn on and off installing of apps
  • Use of the buttons
  • Plans for future synching (class accounts at the beginning of 2013, once volume licensing in implemented)
The facilitator met with a range of staff to discuss blogging from ipads and other uses for mobile learning devices (ipads)

Week 3 Term 3
Staff meeting on Monday - Lead teachers spoke about two items:
1. This Wiki and how as a school we should ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute. This will help show
a more balanced picture of ICT at St Mary's. Staff decided that each team should have a focus week, with ELL also being invited
to contribute.
2. An outline of the I-pad user group was shared with the whole staff so everyone is aware of the process and has the opportunity
to opt in at this early stage.

After outlining his plans for the new Modern classrooms to the staff the Principal then asked for suggestions of how he could share
web based resources with the staff. One of the Lead teachers suggested Scoop It
After school on Wednesday the Leads and the Principal met in the staffroom to set up Scoop It accounts. As a result both Lead
teachers and the Principal have Scoop It accounts to gather and share web based resources. The intended audience is the staff and BOT
but it also serves as a place to store readings for later. The idea of Scoop It was first mentioned by Paula our facilitator.
Principal,s Scoop It - Modern learning environment based
Lead Teacher's Scoop It - 21st century learning
Assistant Principal/Lead Teacher's ScoopIt

The Principal's Scoop It is I-pad based as he has taken to mobile technology and this is what he uses to access the web most often.
More I-Pads have been rolled out to classes , we are just awaiting some more cases then all Ipads will be in classes.

The Middle Team have used a Learning story on KnowledgeNet to assess student's poetry recitals. This was part of the team's action plan
for ICT this term. The benefits of doing this are - one staff member can make the template and roll it out to all classes; can be updated realtime; is available to students to view straight away; Is online for reflection; Parents/caregivers can see as soon as the teachers want them to; Less paper to shuffle/lose; models use of ICT by the teacher.
National Goal 4

Week 2 Term 3
This week we asked our Junior Team to share some examples of how they are:
1) Increasing the capability of students
Room 12 students using technology in their classroom

iwb tell the timeresized.jpgiwb telling the timereszied.jpg

2) Teachers sharing reflections and ideas

Integrating SOLO - an example of how some teachers are incorporating SOLO in their learning

define.insect. prove.it.jpgdefine insect.jpg

3) Teachers integrating elearning effectively across the curriculum
What is happening in a classroom with everyday access to technology

4) Providing increased opportunities for improving Home School partnership
National Goal 4
Using ICT tools to try and foster home - school partnerships through class blogs - keeping parents informed re what is
happening at school
Room 15 Class Blog
Room 17 Class Blog
Room 11 Class Blog

Week 1 Term 3
A great way start to the term - SOLO Professional Development with Pam Hook. Introduced to the Learning Intention creator
tool and shown a number of new resources.
Two of our new classrooms are finished and teachers moved in over the weekend - these classrooms have been designed to
allow a modern learning environment. Some call them the orange classroom and the purple classroom! You'll have to come
and see them. A request was put out on a class blog that the classroom was ready and the move was on Saturday - quite a
number of wonderful parent helpers turned up to assist. Another plus of communicating via a class blog - and evidence that
parents do read them.

The new admin block will be finished in a few weeks so we have been planning what technology to have in the meeting room,
school foyer and Principal's office and trying to future proof a little - hope we get it right. Quite exciting times really.

The students arrived on Tuesday and at 8.30 we had an Ignition event to start our new concept of Cycles. Before school
students had the opportunity to visit many different stations and add what they knew about various cycles to banners - these
are now displayed on banners in our hall. Some teachers have been in contact with their students over the holidays via class blogs.

Staff were invited to attend an introductory session on Friday before school to find out if they were prepared to commit to
becoming part of an Ipad Users Professional Learning Community. We were thrilled with the turn out and the number of staff who
have committed to attending at least 8 of the 10 remaining before school sessions this term. We have set up a google site for the
Ipad users group and will keep an online record of our sessions. shared resources and reflections which all those involved can
access. Our goal is to ensure we provide support and PD to make really effective use of the Ipads at school to improve students
learning outcomes.

Over the holiday Ipads were purchased.
Term 2 2012

Week 10 Term 2
We received notification this week that First Sovereign Trust Ltd are funding the purchase quite a number of Ipads and cases
for our school. Great new! We are also buying some more for our ELL students.
A Lead Teacher accompanied four students from our Geekforce team to a cluster Tech Angels day at Aorangi School. the
students got to work with and compete against students from the other cluster schooles (except Otonga). the students
were excited about the day and shared with other students what they had done throughout the day. Our team cam e 2nd in a
online photographic competition. Here is a link to what happened on the day.

The ipads are becoming more of an everyday item at school. Teachers and students are beginning
to just use them for all sorts of things. Apps for Maths, Reading, Writing, spelling...
Children are bloging and emailing work to their teachers. It's not natural yet but we are on our way.
Here's an example of how students have begun to take control of the class blog from the
teacher - yay! One more independent learning opportunity.

Here's a snapshot of how ICT has grown at our school.
blog stats r9.png

Pic is from a blogger dashboard.

Week 9Term 2
13 of our staff have been babysitting an ipad while we await our covers so they can go into classes.
There have been some great discussions around how usefule they are, how they are constatnly in
someone's hands or "I need to get one." The thinking curriculum team have discussed that maybe those
teachers who are interested in utilising these in their classes will be invited to take part in regular short
discussion groups beginning next term. the BOT and ICT Lead teachers are to form a working party
to plan for the implementation of more devices at our school.

The Geekforce (Tech Angles group have been running lunchtime competitions for the Flight Controller App).
There has been significant excitement amongst a group of students as to who can get the highest score.
The students helped plan, advertise (posters and assembly) the competition.
National Goal 1
flightcontrol poster.jpg

Week 8 Term 2
Five of our staff are sharing at our Clustershare session at Kawaha Point School on Wednesday.
One session is on how we are finding Twitter very useful for both communication with parents
( see the Twitter roll on our website on www.stmarysrotorua.school.nz) and here is a
of some of the ideas that will be shared

Week 7 Term 2
The internet went down for a day when a workman on the building site damaged the connection. Made us realise
how much we use the internet and how dependent we have become on having a reliable internet. This had an impact
on most teachers programmes for the day - quite good to realise just how many of the teachers are integrating
elearning right throughout the day in their classroom programmes. Check out the comment on Room 9's class
blog re a day without the internet ( spelling not a strong point in the posting but look past that!).

Technology is being used extensively in our RE programme and teachers are also finding it really useful accessing
some of the songs and hymns we use at Mass via ITunes and You Tube. We noticed at our Mass at the end of last
week how good the singing was - think we can give a great deal of credit to everyone making good use of the links
sent to us by our Director of Religious Studies. Have also had technology being integrated more often into the morning
prayer session for staff which are led by staff.

Week 6 Term 2
Busy week hosting two events at our school.
The Making IT Happen conference for the two clusters of 12 schools took place on 1 June. We co-hosted the
event with Glenholme School, having about 15 breakout sessions at our school. Our wireless coped very well
with the influx of visitors and we made things easy for participants by removing proxies and firewalls for the day.
Bevan, David B and Moira presented and Anne and Bevan supported visiting presenters with any technical issues.

Seven of our staff opened their classrooms on the
evening of 31 May for teachers on the Bay of Plenty Reading Association Magic Bus Tour to visit.
Some very complimentary feedback received about our classrooms and the learning on display.

Five of our staff travelled on the bus and over a period of nearly four hours visited about 30 classrooms
at Westbrook, Glenholme. St Mary's, Rotorua Intermediate and Otonga. Was a great evening of sharing
ideas and work.
National Goal 5

magic bus teresa and david.jpgmagic bus tour.jpg

Anne helped Moira with preparing the presentation of her inquiry for the Accelerated Learning in Mathematics project.
Creating a webpage on Google Sites worked very effectively for this purpose.

Week 5 Term 2
After purchasing a batch of new Ipad 2 devices they have been configured ready for student use. We
are just awaiting protective cases so they can be deployed into classrooms. In the meantime
this has provided a good opportunity for a group of teachers to take an Ipad home to have a play with.
The goal here is for teachers to teach themselves and then reflect on how these are going to add to
their teaching and the student's learning. The hard bit might be getting them back off the teachers once
the protective cases arrive! We plan to develop a working party to meet regularly so they can teach
and inform each other.National Goal 2

On Wednesday evening we hosted an Activstaff training session attended by primary and kindergarten
teachers from the Rotorua and Murapara areas. The session looked at making effective use of
Activboards in the Arts Curriculum areas and some great ideas were shared. Check out the
Partner section in Resources on Promethean Planet - it has some fabulous resources that we haven't
used before. National Goal 5

The Senior Management team and Lead Teacher attended the Interface Expo at Taupo on 21 May, along
with a number of other members of our cluster. Well worthwhile attending, especially for latest updates on
wireless technology and office**365**.**microsoft**.com/ National Goal 5

Principal's thoughts on how the Principal is working towards National Goal 2.
Besides participating in the ICT Cluster organised PD for Principals I have been involved in some
personal PD and with the Catholic Principals from the Plateau Cluster of Catholic Schools. The Catholic
Schools PD has revolved around the use of the digital resources and digital competencies and practices.
I also attended a full day PD with staff from St Michael's School looking at utilising the RE Digital resources
effectively. Personally, I have taken a particular interest in the use of Ipads to support learning for students
and the use of the Ipad for my own administrational and leadership use. I have reviewed research on Ipad
use in schools in Victoria and we have purchased 20 more Ipads for school. At school I have ensured all
staff are aware of our ICT strategic plan and annual plan and ensured the Senior and Middle team have action
plans for the implementation of elearning portfolios. We will shortly start using Successmaker and Lexia to
assist students with their learning and At- Risk students in Year 5 and 6 Maths classes have access to
Maths Buddy. The Junior and Middle School are using Reading Eggs and the Middle and Senior school have
access to Ziptales - all online programmes to support learning. I encourage a team of people to attend events
we think will help us successfully use iCT Technologies in our school - this is a deliberate move and means
we can discuss what we have seen, what we think and the implications for our school as we travel home
from such events. I feel this is a key tactic in enabling us to keep up to date and to also effect change
quickly as we move to realise our shared vision.

Week 4 Term 2
Our Principal, Assistant Principal and ICT Lead Bevan were joined by cluster facilitator Paula and attended
the Bring Your Own Device Conference at Orewa College, where all Year 9 students had to bring their own
device this year, with the preferred option being an Ipad. Great sessions centred around the preparation
for this move, the technical considerations, the pastoral considerations and management of the devices.
On 15 May we visited Kaipara Flats School about 40 minutes north of Orewa where Cameron Lochie is
Principal. He had just returned from a study tour to the USA looking at mobile devices and he has a 1:2
device ratio at present - planning on 1:1 by the end of the year. On the way home we visited Rachel Boyd
at Waiuku to look at their new learning spaces and use of ICT. Great to meet Rachel as we have often
used resources she has posted online.
National Goal 5


On Thursday one of our ICT Lead teachers presented a writing workshop after school on Thursday for
other teachers from our cluster.National Goal 5
Writing workshop content
Here's the outline of the session.

Week 3 Term 2

On Wednesday evening there was a home-school partnership evening. Parents of
Middle and Senior School children who need support with LIteracy and Numeracy
were invited to meet with teachers to see some ways they can support their students
with their learning. A number of useful online tools and how to use them, were shared
with parents as part of this evening of drop in workshops. Maths Buddy was demonstrated
and parents were encouraged to use KnowledgeNET to see what is happening in class and to
add comments to support their child. Some parents were helped with accessing KnowledgeNET
and their child's work.
National Goal 4

At the Tuesday evening Board of Trustee Meeting the Board were shown how they could have their
own area on our Learning Management System - KnowledgeNET. A Board group was set up and a demo
provided on how they could use this are to display Board Policies, Board reports and agendas and
articles that the Board might find interesting. Board members were also shown how they could use forums
to seek ideas and opinions on a set topic.
National Goal 4


At the Monday staff members our 2012-13 appraisal process was outlined along with the expectations
for all staff to again have an ICT goal they work towards as part of that process.
National Goal 3

Our Principal traveled with other Principals from the cluster for a day and a half PD in Auckland.
By all accounts received so far it was a great PD opportunity.
National Goal 2

Week 2 Term 2
Paula spent a day in our school on Wednesday and worked with our Librarian who has set up a blog
for use by students - they could use it for book reviews and updates re latest purchases for the school
library. Paula spent time with all staff that she has helped set up class blogs this year to review progress
and reset new goals.
National Goal 3

The ICT Lead Teacher Day on Thursday saw Lead Teachers reviewing the progress towards cluster goals
this year and sharing what is happening in their schools.
National Goal 5

The Whanau Hui meeting on Tuesday night shared some great ideas - and they now have their own Facebook
group as a result. The plan is to get families as members of this group and communicate notices through
this. Had some discussion about how to best set this up so that it could be administered by whoever the
Whanau appointed to this role - and be sustainable if personnel changed. The Facebook group is called "Te Kura
o Hata Maria ki Rotorua Whanau" and can be found by searching Hata Maria.
National Goal 4

The building project at school is well underway and we have "official student photographers" keeping a
daily record of progress. We plan to make a photobook for the library with the best of the photos taken
over the next two terms - as we get 4 new classrooms and a new admin block.
National Goal 1

Room 1 is hosting a traveling mascot from a class they have contact with in New York. Students have
been hosting the Mascot at home - so far it has been to the Magic Netball Game, to a farm and to some
famous Rotorua tourist spots. You can read about it's adventures, as told by Room 1 students, on
National Goal 5

Seven staff attended the PACT training session at Otonga School on Thursday after school.
National Goal 3

Week 1 Term 2
Ignition day - Day 1 of Term
We applied the idea gained from Mike Anderson, a keynote speaker at our Cluster Conference last year
and organised an Ignition Day to launch our concept for the term "Structures".

Students arrived on the first day of school to something very different from what they were expecting.
From 8.30am - 9am every teacher, assisted by the school student leaders, ran a station which had a
"hands -on" activity related to "Structures". A school assembly followed - what a great start to the
National Goal 3
Created by Year 3/4 students using Pizap
National Goal 1

Staff who have class blogs shared what they are doing with them during a staff meeting.
The focus was on being able to improve home/school partnerships.
National Goal 3 and 4

Judith in the senior school has used her blog to get students and parents primed for the term ahead
by making a short video.
National Goal 3

Many of the staff have started class blogs after meetings with the cluster facilitator this year.
National Goals 3 and 4

Term 1 2012

Week 10
ON Tueday four members of our Geekforce team accompanied the Principal
to McDonalds to meet the other ICT monitors from the cluster schools.
National Goal 1
Here they were given a memory stick to put anything related to ICT
so they can then share with the other children later in the year.
The children returned to school very enthusiastic.
We will begin planning some schoolwide events around ICT early next term. Concept- structures.
Students used an iPad to record their schools, names and ideas.


Week 9
The staff linked up online with a presenter from Melbourne to be shown
the online resources in Ziptales as part of the staff meeting on Monday 26 March.
The four staff members who presented at the Clustershare last week
shared their presentations with our staff at the staff meeting too.
National Goals 3 and 5

On 27 March the student leaders met before school with staff to brainstorm and share ideas for a special event next term.
National Goals 1 and 3

Over the last few weeks every Senior School student has been making a podcast. Instead of the normal
speech competition this year the students have been preparing a podcast to share their learning
about life in Roman Times. They have been very excited and motivated and all sorts of fancy
Roman costumes and props have found their way to school.
National Goals 1 and 3

Week 8

On Thursday 22 March the Junior Team teachers ran a parents evening to provide parents
with information on the Reading Programme and ideas for how they can support their children at home.
National Goal 4
The invitation read:

Dear Parents
Would you like some tips and ideas for how to support your child in reading at home?
If so, then the junior team teachers would like to invite you to join us for an evening
workshop in Room 12 on Thursday 22 March from 5:15 -6:00pm. We will be
sharing some ideas on how to make reading with your child educational and fun.
This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions and share your experiences.

An alternative workshop for parents/caregivers of ELL (English Language Learners)
will be run at the same time in Room 15. This workshop will cover the same information
with the different learning needs of English language learners in mind.

If you would like to join us please email us or contact the school office ASAP so we can
prepare your goodie bag (be sure to say which workshop you’d like to join).

Looking forward to meeting you,
The Junior Team
mpinfold@stmarys.rotorua.school.nz OR karenb@stmays.rotorua.school.nz

The teachers used Flipcharts on the Activboard for their presentation with both groups.
Activ-votes were used with one group of parents - who thought they were great.
Each parent was provided with a pack to take home - this included ideas and games to use.
Parents were shown that they might find useful.
This was a very successful evening with a large number of parents attending.
The teachers were so busy running their workshops that no-one took any photos.
These has been very positive feedback from parents who attended.

Received this thanking us for last week
National Goal 5
All our staff attended the after school Clustershare event at Otonga School on 21 March.
Four of our staff presented at this event.

Have received notification that Transfield are ready to start putting in the fibre link
to the gate as soon as all the documentation is signed off.

Our Principal visited Nelson schools with all the other Principals from our cluster.
The visit was looking at how to sustain the cluster once our
ICT PD Contract finishes.
National Goal 2

Principals PD Trip to Nelson (Sustainability Focus) Week 8, Term 1
Nelson Timeline
National Goal 2

Bevan, who is also an Activboard National Trainer ran a full day course at the Kura in Koutu on 23 March.
National Goal 5

This week there has been considerable time devoted to supporting and
coaching students and teachers in how to set up for peer feedback and
how to provide effective peer feedback on KnowledgeNET.
National Goal 4

Week 7
On 15 March our two ICT Lead Teachers attended a workshop run by Tessa Gray on the Elearning Framework.
We also hosted Dr Garry Falloon
from Waikato University and Professor Lynne Schrum from George Mason University in the
USA at this workshop and then at school.
National Goal 5
They visited a number of classrooms to see how we were integrating ICT technologies in our classroom programmes.
National Goal 3

On 13 March Tessa Gray (Core Education),
National Facilitator for the ICT PD programme shared a
provocative presentation on what Digital citizenship means and the
realistic issues associated with allowing children and young people to
access the Internet and mobile devices.
Tessa ran a staff meeting then in the evening a meeting for parents which was attended by 43 parents.
The focus of the parents meeting was on what parents need to be aware of
(protecting one's reputation, social networking, sexting, online bullying, cybersafety),
and the roles and responsibilities to support children to become successful, moral, ethical citizens online.
Tessa also shared resources to help parents mentor their children with practical cyber-safety
tips/tricks when using the Internet and mobile technologies. See http://fizurl.com/dcathome

National Goal 4



See http://www.vln.school.nz/pg/blog/read/452194/elearning-roundup-12-march-2012.
We have been given an e-Leader of the week award on the Enabling e-Learning site.
"This week it's ...
St Mary's School in Rotorua. St Mary's caters for new entrants to Year 6 and has
a maximum roll of 400 students spread across 17 classrooms.
They have recently posted in the Teaching group.
Each week, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active
participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups"

National Goals 3 and 5

An update on Quadblogging from Judith - teacher of a Year 5/6 class.
This term Room One has had an added incentive to have our class blog current and interesting,
we have been part of a worldwide project called Quadblogging. Four classes from around the
world are in a Quad. In ours there is us, two UK classes and a Canadian class.
One of the teachers is the coordinator who sets the timetable.
Then, each class has a turn being the Focus class for a week or two.
During this time the other classes in the Quad endeavour to look at
and comment on the Focus classes blog as much as possible.
One of the advantages of participating in this project is that suddenly
your blog audience is expanded, and that there are interesting questions
and comments for the students here to read.
I have really enjoyed connecting with other classes and seeing what they are doing.
My class like the idea of students from the other side of the world reading their posts.
We have just started our second rotation, during this one we will start on online Book Club as part of the blog.
http://www.rm1landoflearning.blogspot.co.nz and http://www.charlestheadventurer.blogspot.co.nz
National Goals 1, 3 and 5

Week 6

Junior school teachers are becoming more aware of the need for students to be able access resources
easily. To aid this a number of classes have started using a only2clicks home page where teachers
can easily add or delete websites and they appear in a visual form so students can access easily.
National Goal 1

Final arrangements were made for some visitors from Waikato University and
George Mason University in the USA who are coming to our school on 15 March.
They will observe the ICT clusters Lead Teachers session on the eLearning
Framework and then visit classrooms at St Mary's
National Goal 5

On 8 March all our Middle and Senior Team teachers attended the cluster workshops on SOLO.
National Goal 3
This is what the Middle Team said on their return:
On the whole, the middle school teachers at the Clustershare seemed to be very
comfortable with SOLO. We were able to share many excellent examples with
other schools and it was evident that the schools that had worked with Pam,
had a clear understanding of SOLO. We all agreed that we don't need rubics
for everything. Surprisingly, many teachers stuggled with writing rubrics and
in the group discussions that followed, it became evident that many
teachers were trying to cover a whole genre at once
in a rubric or even the 7 dimensions in the asTTle marking rubric.
We noticed that there were different expectations about the use of
SOLO between schools. Paula encouraged us to share resources that
we have made but that we should name what we do. As a groups,
we agreed that we all need more work around the higher order thinking maps,
in particular, how to construct the maps for younger students.

The Senior Team Leader shared the following:
As part of the Town and Country cluster, last Thursday groups of teachers met
together to explore some of the ways we have been using Solo in the classroom.
At the senior school meeting we shared information and ideas around the
implementation of Solo in a senior classroom.
Solo is a very useful and adaptable learning tool, it helps scaffold learning in a
classroom to a higher level - regularly. It is possible to use Solo rubrics and language
in all curriculum areas, although not everyone was doing this.
One of the ways we at St Marys have been using Solo this year, is as part of our work on
Reflection in learning - what am I learning? how do I know how I am going with that?
and what's next?. The students have then been encouraged to record this thinking
in their Knowledgenet learning journals.
We also use a range of the Solo Hot maps when gathering and processing
information and write our own rubrics to support student self assessment
and teacher assessment.
The language of Solo is perhaps one of the most useful aspects, as it allows
a learner to quickly see where their thinking is.
Another strength is that the mystery of learning is demystified! Very quickly,
students are able to learn what they need to include in a piece of work,
to ensure it is completed at a higher level- than perhaps comes naturally.
I find Solo a very easy way to scaffold work, to assist with self assessment,
to show students their Next steps and ensure as a teacher I have a challenging program in my classroom

We spent an extended staff meeting on Monday preparing for our Term 2
Concept "Structures".
National Goal 3
Rosemary Cathcart ran an hour workshop where
we had interesting discussions about if chaos is the opposite of structure
then what does random imply? Does structure arise out of chaos?
We had to think - but what an interesting discussion! Teams then spent
time talking about what they were going to do for the concept of structure
next term and we continue to use the HOT DCM Planning tool.
Next term for the first time, each team will have the same key questions
- different contexts, different curriculum levels but the same questions.
We have always had the same key understanding so think this is a logical move for us.

After our Principal visited a number of Middle and Senior School
classrooms he reported back that he was thrilled to see
KnowledgeNET being used by students in every single classroom he visited.
National Goal 2

The four staff presenting at the Clustershare in week 8 have all added an
outline of what their session will cover to the google docs document.

We ordered our 2012 Learnz Online Fieldtrip Handbook - which is sponsored
by Solid Energy for schools in our area.
National Goal 3
One of our teachers helped out another school who have just got Interactive Whiteboards
National Goal 5

Week 5

A newsletter we prepared has been emailed out to all schools in the
Town and Country Rotorua and Rotorua Central ICT Cluster schools.
National Goal 5

The Thinking Curriculum team ( responsible for ICT and Thinking with representatives from all teams)
met and spent time going over the published version of the 2012 ICT
and Thinking Action Plan. Team members all take on a leadership role
within their teaching team to ensure we are striving to meet our goals.
We will report back on progress to date at our next meeting.
National Goal 3

All Middle and Senior team classes have been using our Learning
Management System to share their learning. It is wonderful to see some
parents have already started to comment on the student work in their child's eportfolio.
National Goal 4

Some classes have been involved in Quadblogging this year - sharing their
class blogsite and commenting on the blogsites of 3 other schools around the world.
"This term, Room 3 have taken part in Quadblogging.
We are in a Quad with 3 classes from the UK. When we registered,
we were grouped with classes from the same age or year group.
Each class has a week where their blog is the focus for the group.
We are now beginning the second rotation. Some classes have had more input than others,
but overall the experience is proving to be a good one.
We have had wonderful peer feedback to our entries, and the Room 3 students have
had to think of good feedback to the give to the students on the UK blogs.
It is a good way to promote positive feedback to others,
it allows the students to put themselves in the shoes of someone else,
and above all, is a lot of fun. It also really emphasises what works well on a blog and what does not"

If you check these blogsites you can see the schools we are quadblogging with.
National Goals 1, 3 and 5

Applications for ICT helper positions have been advertised on the school daily notices.
Applicants have been emailing
a Lead teacher.
National Goal 1

Week 4

ICT Lead Teachers from five of our cluster schools attended a 7.30am
Lead Teacher breakfast on Friday morning. We managed to have a very
productive meeting working out how to develop a Tech Angels
programme across the cluster and sustain it next year.
National Goal 5

Paula worked with Brigit, Michelle, Karen and Tai on the development of their class blogsites.
They have all just started blogsites this year.
National Goals 3 and 4

RE staff meeting - The DRS presented a flipchart developed to help
staff with teaching the Religious Education curriculum.
This included embedded songs and links to websites.
This resource has been distributed to staff for use in their classroom.
National Goal 3

Four staff have been invited to share at the cluster share coming
up and all staff advised that they are expected to do one 10 minute
presentation this year on something that they have found interesting/worthwhile/useful in ICT.

Bevan took ActivInspire training at Koutu Kura for local teachers.
National Goal 5

Week 3
All Middle and Senior school parents have been given their logins
to the Parent portal component of KnowledgeNet. Teachers held parent
information evenings on Wednesday night and provided a handout on how
parents can use the parent portal of our LMS to view their child's latest
STAR and PAT assessment data, view atttendance data and provide
feedback on some of their child's ongoing classwork.
National Goal 4

Week 2 Term 1 2012
Managed to get all student data uploaded from SMS to NZCER Marking.
This year it was SO much easier due to some changes on the NZCER site.
If you are not using this resource for PAT and STAR data analysis it might
be worthwhile having a look at it. We find it very useful.
National Goal 3

Had some preventative maintenance done on our computers throughout the school.
The desktops were all checked and you wouldn't believe how much dust was sucked
out of those machines by the technician using his special compressor thing.
Also reimaged all our Macbooks and have set it up this year so we don't end
up with loads of files saved to individual Macbooks rather than the server.
Why are we doing all this? To ensure our equipment is kept in good condition and works as efficiently as possible.

Pam Hook worked with our staff all day on 7 February ( Teacher Only Day) on SOLO.
Feedback from staff very positive. Have you checked out Pam's new website http://pamhook.com
National Goal 3

Four teachers and a teacher aide were released to work individually with our ICT Facilitator.
Action plans were prepared and issued to each teacher and follow up in a
couple of weeks will check how they are progressing with achieving their goals.
National Goal 3

Week 1 Term 1 2012
With a focus on giving students a voice to global communities more classes at St Mary's now have blogs.
Room 1 Charles the Explorer
Room 3
Room 7
Room 8
Room 9
Room 17
This year Senior and mIddle school students will have online portfolios and
the Junior team will begin exploring ways
this can be used from next year. All staff have had training sessions taken
by our Lead teachers to familiarise themselves
with KnowledgeNet. All staff had a session reminding them of the basic ICT
expectations and routines at St Mary's.
National Goals 3 and 4

Our new server (Smartnet) is up and running and the SNUP has been completed.
After a minor outage of internet due to
some faulty cabling under the Admin block the school is now reliable connected
to the intranet and internet. Our
N-Computing systems have been cleaned and the software has been updated during the holidays.

We had a busload of Korean Primary School teachers arrive at our school on
Thursday afternoon - this was completely out of the blue!
A bit daunting as the tour leader asks could they have a look around while about
30 of them are standing just outside the gate peering in.
We coped and they were certainly very impressed with the amount of technology
in classrooms and that this was being used by teachers and students as we walked around the school.
National Goal 5

We had three Teacher Only days at the end of January - focusing on:
1) Making greater use of our Learning Management System and linking the feedback PD to this too
2) Looking at our school targets and ensuring we have action plans in place to try and achieve these
3) Formative assessment - especially around feedback and next steps.
National Goals 3 and 4

Time was spent in the holidays dealing with a number of websync issues with SMS and LMS.
It's difficult to resolve when there are at least three companies involved. Not impossible though
and we were successful despite some frustrating times along the way.
These companies always seem to respond very well to a thank you note sent once everything is working as it should.

Some of the SNUP upgrade cabling was discovered to be faulty so had to unexpectedly be replaced.
Then the internet became super slow - less than dial up speed we were told.
Not a great way to start the school year but it is all sorted now.
Also had a new server installed in the holidays which seems to be great.
Really appreciated the assistance we had from a number of people with
this instal and the SNUP upgrade which is now finished. It's not only in the classroom
that good relationships make a difference and we have really reaped the rewards of
establishing good relationships with these people - some who have gone way beyond the call of duty to assist us.

Week 7 Term 4
In preparation for next year some classes have signed up to participate in Quadblogging. This will be an opportunity
for students to engage in learning experiences with others from all over the world.

Week 6 Term 4
Rosemary Cathcart worked with the staff on Citizenship - our concept for Term 1 2012. Teams
then had time to begin planning, using the Hooked on Thinking DCM planning template.

Our Principal has begun to tweet - after one of the Lead Teachers demonstrated for a week. He has taken the plunge
and is tweeting school information and notices for the community.

Room 1 have received some comments on their class blog from a class in New York - very exciting!
See Rm1landoflearning.blogspot.com


A senior school teacher has begun exploring the use of QR codes.

Week 5 Term 4
Our website now has a twitter roll so the Principal can tweet up to date information for our community.
Originally a Lead Teacher set up the account and has been tweeting on behalf of the Principal -
to show him that this can be a
stress free, effective way to communicate to the community. Our school website.

The Geekforce group (student ICT helpers) have launched a schoolwide digital image competition.
There are two main goals for
this competition:
  1. For students to enjoy learning new skills when using a digital camera.
  2. For students and teachers to further develop their ability to upload
  3. images and information to our LMS (Knowledgenet)

Some great and imaginative artwork has been produced by a class trying out new ICT
tools while they work with photographs. Will try
and get some samples to upload.

Week 4 Term 4
A middle school class has taken ownership of a set of ipods.
The teacher is endavouring to learn how they can be incorported into her
class' learning. The class who gave up the ipods have had withdrawal symptoms
but they have also realised that it is only fair to
let other students into the secret that learning with mobile technologies can be fun.
piZap.com free online photo editor, fun photo effects
piZap.com free online photo editor
Week 3 Term 4

The MADE Awards evening was held in Tauranga. Thirteen students and ten
parents/teachers attended from St Mary's, along with our
ICT Facilitator and a teacher and students from Kaharoa. What fabulous work
we saw with the 6 best entries from each category being shown!
Great evening and topped off by an Enrichment Class student, Luisa Egger,
winning 2nd place in the Year 4-6 Static Images Category.
MADE Awards 10 November

The Senior Management Team spoke to the Board of Trustees about what they had
learned at the "Leading a Digital School" conference they attended recently. What was
learned from the conference and the implications for our school were discussed.
This led to some brainstorming to help review our strategic plan.
National Goals 1, 2 and 3 and 5

Alastair Cron from Bromley School in Christchurch visited our school to see
how we utilise ICT tools to promote learning.National Goals 3 and 5

It has been interesting following some of the postings in the November challenge on the VLN.
Suzie Vesper sums up some of the contributions to date with
"Something that seems to be coming through strongly from those that have contributed so far is
that teachers applying for jobs would be in a stronger position if they could show evidence in a
digital form of their own critical reflection on their teaching
This is an idea we need to develop with staff next year and we need to
delve further into how online resources such as the following can help us with this.
http://registeredteachercriteria.wikispaces.com/ National Goal 5

Week 2 Term 4

Room 1's traveling mascot arrived in New York to visit the school that the class
skyped earlier this year. Read all about his travels on
National Goals 1 and 3

The School Network Upgrade work in our school continued this week with better than
expected progress being made - 8 classrooms are now finished and the work continues
next week.

The Senior Management team met on Thursday to prepare for a presentation to the
next Board of Trustees meeting on the Leading a Digital Conference attended in
Melbourne. Emerging trends and technologies were high on the agenda along with
the implications for our school and the updating of our School Charter and strategic plan.
National Goals 1, 2 and 3

Lead Teachers met on Wednesday and spent time discussing what they would like
to see happening in the cluster next year. By Thursday we already had one of the ideas
actioned - a cluster newsletter, prepared this time by our facilitator, but in future by
our schools, to give an update on happenings and online resources that staff might
find useful. Following this meeting three staff from Kawaha Point and one from
Kaharoa visited our school - they were particularly interested in seeing some of the work
in the Senior School team using SOLO. National Goal 3 & 5

Teacher Aides have been having their appraisal interviews this week and every
one of them has had a goal that involved them developing their ability to make greater use
of ICT Technologies with their special needs students. National Goal 3

Week 1 Term 4.
Heard that we have an Enrichment Class student who has made the finalists
in the Year 4-6 Static Images category of the MADE Awards - national digital media competition.
Great to hear that Kaharoa have 5 finalists in the Year 1-3,
Year 4-6 and Year 7-8 categories of Static Images in the same competition.
There are only 6 finalists nationally in each
category so well done Town and Country Cluster. We have a group of 24
parents and students who will travel to Tauranga for the MADE awards evening on 10 November.
National Goal 1, 4 and 5

Four of our 9-11 year old students joined 10000 students around the world
as they participated in the ITU World 11 international conference being held in Geneva.
Ewan McIntosh and Tom Barrett
co-ordinated the event. See http://world2011.itu.int/f21 for the session we were involved in.
Due to the time difference between Geneva and NZ we were invited to
contribute our ideas on disruptive technologies via Twitter. National Goal 1

October 25 - What a great and well organised cluster conference.
Mike Anderson provided an honest and provocative keynote that challenged everyone to think critically about
some of the things that happen in schools.
Allanah King provided an entertaining final keynote that inspired us all to be prepared to take a risk.
Staff also attended two workshops
and feedback from staff about the day has been very positive.
A huge thank you to Paula for all her preparation to make this day successful.
Four of our staff were brave enough
to present to their peers - we are proud of them.
Thought you might be interested in this comment from one of them, which was spotted on Twitter
"Very proud of the leap Karen & I took today presenting! May have to do that again next year!It was fun. But I was still freaking out. "Next time" will still be a big leap - and the
time after..."
National Goal 3 & 5

Getting ready for Term 4, 2011
Staff ideas for using digital images
Term 4
Three staff are attending Ulearn conference in Rotorua. National Goal 3 & 5
Four staff are preparing to present at the Cluster conference during week 1 of Term 4. National Goal 3 & 5

Term 3, 2011
Week 10
In week 10 a class of Year 5 and 6 students held an evening book launch of the
picture books they created this term.
This was a very well attended function and parents and
extended family were very complimentary about the high standard of student work.
Having the book covers printed professionally by Mr Larkin from Super Dooper Print and bound
professionally made the picture books look like commercially produced ones.
Every student in the class will be issued with a copy of the book their small group produced.

Producing picture books about the Silk Road has been a big
project for this class and is links the learning with the Concept Curriculum for this term -
developing the students
understanding of Globalisation. Earlier in the term the Childrens librarian from
Rotorua Public Library came and showed the class some examples
of techniques that authors and
illustrators use to try to produce effective picture books.
In small groups the students then produced illustrations and a
story to demonstrate their understanding about Life on the Silk
Road trading route. Once some groups finished producing their
own picture books they decided to enter them into the MADE Awards -
so needed to photograph each page and
digitise the story. National Goal 1 & 4



In week 10 the Year 4 enrichment class visited Super Dooper Printing
Company and produced their own journal book.
Prior to their visit they used www.bighugelabs to produce
a cover of their choice and this jpg file was then used at
Super Dooper Print on a desktop publishing programme.
It was a very interesting trip – the students saw how huge
posters are printed, how different machines work, how all
colours can be made out of balls of ink (only four colours) which are melted and mixed together.
They saw how the
computer can ensure that exactly the right shade of a colour is used and looked
through a microscope to see the little dots of various colours that make up the colour that we see.
It was great having the chance to use all the equipment and develop a
better understanding of the processes involved in commercially producing their own sample book.
Some parents and two staff accompanied the students on this trip and were very
interested in seeing how things are done in the digital printing business.National Goal 1

Anne attended the CORE education meeting for cluster facilitators at Tauranga Intermediate.
The demonstration Science elearning lesson about the picture book
“The Man Who Walked Between the Twin Towers” was very interesting and
clearly showed how elearning can be incorporated across the curriculum to make learning opportunities
National Goal 2 & 3

Week 9
Three enrichment classes of Yr. 4-6 students (involving students from 9 different classes at school)
have all entered the MADE Awards national Digital Medial Competition.
Most of the entries have been in the static images and manipulated images categories
and some have been entered inthe Documentary category.
The school has covered the cost of one entry per student and some students have funded
further entries themselves. Some parents, students and staff plan to travel to the
MADE awards on Thursday, 10th November at Baycourt, Tauranga so students
can see the finalists entries in this National competition. National Goal 1, 3 ,4 & 5
Most of the students had limited use of a camera or had not been exposed to
photography techniques such as the rule of thirds prior to this term.
The teacher used the Tell us a story online resource which was introduced
at a Lead Teachers day to help plan. The lesson content and resources were posted on
KnowledgeNET for students to access. Students shared their learning on
their Learning Journals on KnowledgeNET. The students received feedback online from parents
and also from an expert who had visited the class.
The ICT facilitator posted some of the student's images on her Photo blog
( see postings 266/365 to 274/365). It was great for students to receive feedback from
parents as well as a professional photographer who is a parent.
By having these posted online it created a lot of interest throughout the school
with classes monitoring the site
daily to see who would have their work posted next.Photo 365 blog National Goal 4
During an ICT focused staff meeting staff identified their strengths and
weaknesses in an attempt to promote sustainability with in our school in regards to ICT.
The staff filled in a comprehensive survey where they needed to rate their
understanding and skills set when using a wide range of applications and
equipment available at school.
This data will be collated and used to plan future staff training as well as
identifying experts within our school. This will promote sustainability rather than having the
Lead teachers as the keepers of information and skills. National Goal 3

Staff also discussed using digital images as a focus for term 4.
This fits well with the school concept of Symbolism.
Staff identified that using digital images will be a good way
to develop student enthusiasm and ultimately learning outcomes will be further improved.
Staff used iethepad.com to develop a range of uses for digital images,which could be used
in term 4. http://ietherpad.com/usingdigitalimages National Goal 1 & 3

The Deputy Principlal discussed the move from Remote Desktop student
management system that Musac currently offer to the Cloud computing application that musac will be
moving to.
He offered staff the path to install the required software and some staff successfully
did this while others decided to do it at a later date.
Subsequently all staff are ready to use the Cloud computing Musac option as soon as it is available.
National Goal 2 & 3

Week 8
Senior staff reported back to staff and to the Board of Trustees about their recent trip to Melbourne.
National Goal 1,2, 3, 4 & 5
Staff were introduced to the EPIC resource and alerted to ways this
could be used in teaching and learning experiences. National Goal 3
The teaching teams had time to work on their concept planning for next term,
using the Hooked on Thinking DCM planner which demonstrates the deliberate
integration of Solo and ICT. National Goal 1 & 3
Staff have begun reflecting on the ways their classes have collaborated throughout this term. National Goal 5

Week 7
Middle school classes are continuing to use the Knowledgenet learning journals as a tool for learning.
Teachers are beginning
to use these in their reading, writing and maths lessons and are becoming more
comfortable at giving up some of the precious
time to allow for students to post learning, reflections and to respond to feedback.
National Goal 4
Junior teachers have visited Kawaha Point Primary School to discuss their
implementation of SOLO and other general teaching
ideas. National Goal 5

Week 6
The Thinking curriculum team staff, representing all levels of the school
have begun a challenge to use twitter for professional development.
At least three staff have actively posted on twitter, and are finding it
interesting and insightful to follow members
of this online community as a tool for learning. This curriculum team are
investigating this tool as a possibility for whole staff professional development in the future.

Week 5
Our Senior Management team and ICT Cluster facilitator spent the week in Melbourne,
visiting four schools and attending the
"Leading a Digital School" conference. Visited the following schools:
  • Wooranna Park Primary School ( amazing learning spaces -
  • have never seen any classrooms that even come close to looking
  • like these ones)
  • Bialik College ( a K-12 school which is known thoughout the
  • world for being a Cultures of Thinking School - working with David
Perkins and Harvard University)
  • Silverton Park School which has won many awards for both Curriculum Innovation and Leadership.
  • Lynbrook School which has a huge emphasis on integrating ICT into their learning programmes.

You can read more about the thought provoking,
challenging conference on http://learningwiki.net/groups/digital
There was a big emphasis on the use of IPads for learning and all
participants had the use of an Ipad for the duration of the
Interesting to see how much money the Australian Government are providing for ICT
equipment in schools.
Makes us realise though that we think our Government has the right idea putting money
first into the infrastructure and PD for teachers.
Saw some innovative equipment that we haven't seen in NZ yet. Felt the conference
was very worthwhile and useful to go as a team
so that we have a sharing understanding of future trends - it will help us with
updating the vision for our school. National Goal 1,2, 3, 4 & 5
Our Principal now has an I-pad and is becoming more familiar with how
mobile technology can enhance opportunities for learning. National Goal 2

In discussions with a Junior School Teacher it emerged that she had
been using ICT creativly to engage her students during
lessons by getting her own children (who are a year or two older) to record
podcasts of books the students in the class would be
reading. She then had the students reading along while they were listening to the recording,
this helped the students by hearing
children they know reading and made it achievable. It also had the positive spin-off of
motivating the Teacher's children to read at
home for a real audience. National Goal 1

The Same Junior class has been skyping a class in Belgium, to learn about their culture.
This links well with our current concept of
Globalisation and our ICT goal this term of collaboration outside the classroom.
National Goal 5

Week 4
The Principal and the two Lead teachers had the opportunity to visit other
schools in our cluster over a two day period. It
was interesting to see how other schools are using Solo to engage learners.
The time to talk to colleagues was important and
showed that what we are doing is good and that like other schools we just
needed time to embed this tool in out teaching and
learning.National Goal 5
On Friday Bevan hosted teachers from a Rotorua school and all the way
from Turangi for Activinspire training.
National Goal 5
This compare/contrast map was sitting on the printer in the resource room,
a senior class had used it in a lesson earlier in the week.
Thanks to Room 4 and Mr Bach for letting us show it.
National Goal 1

Week 3 On Thursday Anne hosted a Cluster Workshop on the use of the
Bighugelabswebsite. National Goal 1
On Friday a group of teachers from one of our contributing Childcare centres
visited to see how younger children are using ICT"s
to enhance their learning. Students in the Middle and Junior school were able
to show how they use the i pads, computers and
IWB's. This was a good opportunity to enhance community relationships and
also provide guidance to a ECE which is
looking at using ICT's to add to the learning of young students.National Goal5
During Assembly on Friday a junior class used videos from
Youtube to help the school learn and sing new songs..National Goal 1

Week 2
On 13 August Anne attended the BOP Educamp. See
These links were shared with our staff - we really appreciate the
willingness of others to share their ideas and resources

Week 1
Staff from Welcome Bay School visited to see how we are integrating
ICT's into student learning and in particular the wireless system at school which allows for mobile

devices to be connected to the internet and school network. National Goal 5
Senior School classes and one Middle school class are continuing to use
KnowledgeNET e-portfolios to show learning. These classes are becoming more able to give
feedback to peers although technical issues have been
hampering this to some extent. National Goal 5

Term 3 2011
Our concept this term is Globalisation.

  • Teachers and Teacher Aides meet at an "iPad Focus"group after school to share experiences and Applications
Learnings looking at what Applications will support their Literacy programme
Mobile learning - iPads and iPods - Engaged and empowered!

Click to view Principal's Report Milestone 3

Our ICT based focus is online collaboration.National Goal 1
Teachers and students will make an effort to become part of the online Global learning space through collaborating,
sharing, connecting and reflecting.
The syndicates have planned for the concept curriculum of Globalisation using Solo tools and they have also
incorporated online collaborative tools. Throughout the term teachers and students will connect with others,
A key understanding for teachers and students is that "It doesn't matter what tool they use it's the content and connectedness
that matters".

The senior team and Room 9 have all informed parents of their Knowledgenet logon details so they should be prepared for the
parent-student-teacher meetings in Week 2 term 3.

Room 5 entered a local Museum video competition to tell a story about the treasures at our school. After their hard work and some
last minute technical
difficulties they were announced as the winners. It is nice to see the students producing a product for a wider audience than
just their class.

Term 2
ICT is becoming more of a part of every day life here at St Mary's. This week we had an Religious Education meeting
where staff were exploring different ways of using prayer with students. During an activity where staff were asked to
design a prayer in partners , it was great to see laptops being pulled out to use as design and research tools. It was
very natural for staff to use the technology as part of their thinking processes.
Staff from around the district attended an Activboard training day with Bevan at school on Thurdsay 3oth June. This is
a good day for staff to mingle with teachers from other schools and discuss ideas.
Along with our school's policy of supporting dual platform computers it is interesting to note that three teachers
have opted to have Mac computers for their next lease issue. This will benefit the students because it will encourage
them to more flexible thinkers as they problem solve their way through translating between the different platforms.
We have had issues with our INternet speed for a couple of weeks now and our Technician has put in quite a bit of time trying to
sort it out. With our ever increasing online presence it is very important that secure fast and reliable internet connections
so it is not holding back studnet learning. Hopefully the visit of a cabling technician on Thursday will sort the problem.

Week 7
The senior team have been exploring different ways of getting their student's work posted onto their e-portfolios.
The teachers are becoming more aware of both audio and visual methods and they have used the document camera
and Easispeak to great effect. It has been especially pleasing that students have been the ones using this technology.
Here is an example of a piece of recount writing from a Middle School student who recorded their own work.

Week 6
The Middle School have prepared a conceptual unit of work where teh students will describe, designa dn make a new product.
Staff have designed the booklet to include SOlo Maps to help teh students with
their learning. Staff have had discussion about using the maps a plaing tools and helping the students to self assess against
the Solo rubrics.
to see an example of a statement self assessmet
Room 9's teacher has been using Chirbit as a tool to aid student reading progress. The teacher recorded a story for students
to read along with and then used Chirbit to
record student learning for their e-portfolio. It was nice to share the learning with the child's parents and they were able to give f
eedback which was relevant and timely.

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit
Week 4:
A Senior school teacher has used an I pod to create a podcast of hersef reading a text for children in her class. This enabled the
students to hear and read the text while she worked with other students.
Lead teachers day on Thursday at Kaharoa School - what a wonderful venue for PD! Lots of ideas for use with staff.
Found an interesting website which is worth a look. Has some great resources with tying digital tools into your classroom
- guides for how to use some useful tools.


Week 3: On Monday we hosted two one and a half hour My Portfolio Taster sessions which were run by Heath Sawyer. He
works for the team at the Ministry who look after LMS
and. Over twenty people attended the 2 sessions and they came from both secondary and primary schools in the Rotorua/Tokoroa
areas. The big question for us is where to put
our eportfolios - at this stage we will still do then on KnowledgeNET then plan to export them to My Portfolio ( which is Mahara) so
that they children have long term ownership
of them. Just thinking ahead - where should we get our teachers to have their resume and portfolio - maybe the best place is My
On Thursday Bevan ran an afterschool workshop attended by approx 20 teachers from the 2 clusters. The session was on using
interactive whiteboards in the classroom and
was well received. A number of teachers have already requested if they can come and observer our guru working with his class.
On Friday Bevan worked all day running an Activboard Part A training course for teachers new to using Activboards. Teachers
came from far and wide - think the Opotiki teachers
had done very well to get here by 9.30am. Lots of great feedback again.
Flip video cameras are now in use in middle and senior school classrooms and we can see we now need ultrafast broadband asap
- several classes uploading video and photos
onto KnowedgeNET at once is stressful! ( and slow).

Week 2: We had our cluster facilitator Paula in at school on Tuesday working with staff. She worked with 3 Middle School
teachers to model lessons with mobile technologies
(Ipads, Ipods). Staff are becoming more aware of how this technology can be intgrated into lessons. She also ran a session
on using Ipads with special needs students for four
teacher aides and our special needs teacher It was interesting to hear feedback from Paula that teachers were asking specific
questions about how this type of technology could
improve student learning. Paula ran an after school introduction to using Flip video cameras for Middle and Senior school teachers.
These will be rolled out to staff in the coming
weeks. As a school we are working towards issuing and managing ICT resources through our library system. Received great
feedback from ERO re the use of ICT technologies for
learning in our school.

Week 1 of term we were joined by the ERO review team. A group of students completed their presentation for ERO. They used a
new camera they weren't used to when videoing and
captured some really interesting student voice for their presentation. Bit if a dilemma though! Some of the footage was quite
"wobbly". We didn't want to lose the "from the heart,
unrehearsed student comments, complete with body language that told it's own story". Decided to stick with original footage -
was the message that was important and we were
sure they would agree. Sometimes a retake or a rehearsed response just isn't quite the same. We were very proud of the students
and the presentation which they put together and
presented by themselves. The teachers need to be commended on their effective use of ICT technologies for teaching and learning
- this was noticed and commented on.
Check our some of our blogs:

Our new webpage is nearly ready to go public - online at present but not easily accessible yet. Hope it will be up and running by
the end of week 2.

Term 1
The weeks have flown by this term. Just a quick update re what has been happening in ICT so far this year at St Mary's.

Two teachers and two teacher aides joined the after school workshop on Ipads. Everyone learned something new and found this
informal session very worthwhile.

Some challenges for teachers preparing some of the Year 5 and 6 eportfolio templates in the last couple of weeks. Lots of patience
needed as we all make mistakes and learn
from them. Guess we really need to plan for some hiccups when we move out of our comfort zone and into uncharted territory.
Learning quickly how to do rollouts of templates
to the whole team... and plenty more to still learn!

Quotes from 3 sources all gathered in preparation for the next round of funding applications.

Six year 5 and 6 students were selected to prepare a student presentation for when ERO visit at the start of next term. They
decided to video some students and to incorporate
these clips into their presentation.
Had some feedback from a parent whose family is moving down south re how much help her 8 year old son is to the family when
it comes to computer use. A year and a term in
the amazing Mr James class has resulted in much new learning for the whole family. Isn't it great that the kids are teaching their
parents and the parents are so grateful that the
children are gaining ICT skills at school. A reminder that we all need to be lifelong learners.

The Year 3-6 students had an exhibition of their art after school on Thursday. Some fantastic work including many examples of
digital art created by Year 5 students. Wow - these
kids are getting pretty clever.

We have had banners commercially produced for each of the concepts we have covered in 2010/2011. The latest ones were erected
on the outside of the administration building this week.
There should be no excuse for anyone not knowing our key understanding for each concept. Will take a photo to upload.

Four staff ( including two teacher aides) attended the informal cluster meeting on Ipads after school. It was interesting meeting
at McDonald's! Great feedback from our teacher aides
on how useful this session was and they are hungry for more PD in this area.

Paula Jamieson worked with our Junior Team Leader and another Junior Team teacher today - creating an action plan for the
Junior Team from our ICT Strategic Plan and refining the
key questions and SOLO activities in the concept curriculum plan prepared for Term 2 - Enterprise "See an opportunity and take it"

Year 5 and 6 students spent week 10 at camp. The Year 6 students were in Auckland for the week. They have a camp blog and
despite poor internet access at camp ( the site of the
camp is in an area that doesn't get good reception using a vodem stick) they have had over 250 hits on their blog site as friends
and family check what they have been up to. Check
out their Camp Blog Year 5 students were at the Thermal Mtor Camp Lodge in Rotorua - they took many photos and much video
footage of their activities.

Anne met with Paula on 7 April so that we could analyse the results of the ICT survey which our staff completed a few weeks ago
using survey monkey.

All the Year 5 students were involved with taking photos when they visited the Museum in Rotorua on 7 April.

Our Principal went to Wellington in Week 10 with other Principals from our ICT cluster. They visited some schools on Monday
and Tuesday and we know that they were looking
forward to seeing what some other schools were doing in the area of ICT.

We have been working on a new website for our school, hosted through KnowledgeNET. It should be ready for public viewing at the
beginning of Term 2.
The Senior team have been meeting at 8am on Friday mornings re KnowledgeNET.

On 31 March St Mary's hosted the day for the ICT Lead teachers for the two clusters working together. Teachers from 11 schools
attended and we worked on cluster tasks in the
morning then had a presentations from Superclubs Plus in the afternoon.

Three teachers were invited to provide their thoughts for the May issue of Interface magazine. Interface Magazine asked our school
if we would be prepared to prepare responses
for the Ask A Teacher section of their next issue. Check out the thoughts shared by three of our staff on

Three teachers have registered for the Leading a Digital School conference being held in Melbourne in early September. Interesting
workshops and keynotes and they will also visit
some schools while there. We are particularly keen to see what some of the schools are doing with Ipads and Ipod Touch and
how they engage their parent communities to participate
online in their child's learning.

On 24 March the Project Manager for our School Network Upgrade Project spent three hours in the school. We look forward to
plans being in a couple of weeks and work starting in about
6 weeks ( fingers crossed!)

Bevan, who was invited to train to be an Activeboard NZ trainer, ran his first Professional Development course on 22 March for
teachers from a number of schools in the region.
One teacher from another school in Rotorua was raving about the day as he walked out the school gate "Best professional
development day he had ever been to!" Well done Bevan.

Rachel Clapp from Activeboard NZ spent the day working in the school on 22 April

In week 8 Anne attended Paula's workshop on 24 March - Tools of the Trade

By the end of week 8 the Thinking Curriculum team have met 3 times - looking at strategic plan for ICT and Thinking and what
the team members (who represent each level of the school)
need to do this term to help meet our goals - formed an action plan.

In week 7 Sheryl attended Paula's workshop on 17 March - Thinker's Toolbox and we were represented at the Cluster Principal's
meeting. Room 1 skyped a class in New York city -
this took place before school to fit in with the time difference.

On 14 March Rosemary Cathcart worked with our staff at an extended staff meeting - preparing for our Enterprise concept in term 2
Anne and Bevan attended the ICT Lead Teachers Day at Ngongotaha on 3 March

Paula, our ICT facilitator, spent a day with Senior Management from St Mary's on 1 March. The focus was on where we are, how
we got to this point and where to next.

Paula and Anne designed a staff survey which was outlined to the staff at a staff meeting after school - staff then completed this.
The information gained will be used to assist
us to plan for ICT at St Mary's.

Three staff who attended the Learning at Schools conference shared something that they had learned at the staff meeting on
1 March.

We have been working on a new website for St Mary's and met with Phil from Dataview in week 4. It will be run through
KnowledgeNET so that we can easily edit the pages ourselves.
We are hoping that it will be up and running very shortly.

Some more Ipads have been purchased specifically for our ORRS funded students to use - partly funded by a project supported
by the Rotorua RTLB cluster. We are having some great
feedback from a teacher who has had an autistic child using an Ipad regularly.

We finalised our ICT strategic plan and this was completed in week 2, ready to be presented at our BOT meeting in week 3.
Work started on this in Term 4 last year and the Thinking
Curriculum team, representing all teams in the school, had the responsibility for deciding what should go in this document.

Five staff from our Middle School team joined our Principal and one teacher from the Senior Team at the Learning at Schools

On 21 February Sarah Ingram from KnowledgeNET spent the whole day providing training for our staff. She worked with the five
teachers from the Senior team in the morning helping
them with getting set up for using eportfolios this year with their classes. The afternoon was spent with the ICT Lead teachers
and one parent, providing some technical support for our
KnowledgeNET site. Then Sarah ran a fantastic staff meeting showing us how we can create rich learning tasks on KnowledgeNET.
A support manual was issued to teachers.
Room 1 have a travelling buddy which has set off on his great O.E. You can follow his progress on


Summary of progress that has been made towards achieving your programme goals
  • Since milestone 2 we have purchased 2 more iPads which are currently being used in classrooms -
  • 2 for general use and 2 for special needs students.
  • Teachers have attended app harvest, contributed to Ipad users group on VLN and teacher aides have attended
  • PD on using the Ipads in the classroom with students. A number of teachers now researching apps which they
  • want installed for student use. Ipad technology is being incorporated in IEP’s - for example text to speak app
  • called Easi Speak.
  • 7 staff attended the Learning at Schools conference. One team of teachers went plus one other and the Principal.
  • As a team, the teachers who went to this conference were able to implement and share ideas post conference
  • and support each other.
  • Staff who attended shared new learning with the staff and helped support risk taking and new learning across
  • the school
  • Ipods being used more widely across Middle School after a trial in the Lead Teacher’s class
  • Survey designed and undertaken with whole staff around ICT and results analysed for next steps in supporting
  • staff in classrooms
  • All teams and staff using Hooked on Thinking DCM online planning tool for concept curriculum planning. SOLO
  • an integral part of this and Rosemary Cathcart is mentoring staff before they plan. Her breif is to ensure that staff
  • have a deep and clear understanding of the possibilities offered by the concept for the next term. She also
  • challenges us and supports us to devise learning programmes to give children a deeper understanding of the
  • concept and issues arising from it. Display boards outside admin block ensure everyone is aware of the concept
  • and key understanding to be developed for each term.
  • As a part of our appraisal process each teacher has been required to set an ICT goal and outline how they plan
  • to achieve this. Goal has been discussed with appraiser to ensure it also lines up with school goals.
  • Planning collected in to see the extent to which teachers are incorporating ICT’s into everyday planning.
  • Teachers trying to ensure
  • all students get access to ICT’s in literacy and numeracy programmes.
  • All teachers are now incorporating SOLO into their planning and are using Hooked on Thinking resources.
  • All teachers have the opportunity to attend any cluster workshops in CRT time or after school
  • ICT Lead Teachers have both offered to facilitate cluster workshop
  • Three teachers interviewed for Teachers View section of Interface Magazine - on their use of ICT’s in classroom
  • and what they would like to
  • make greater use of in the future
  • Audit for SNUP upgrade undertaken - will be followed up with physical upgrade in near future
  • Purchased 5 new Macbooks and 15 Flip Videos.
  • Three staff attended Visible Learning e-AsTTle training
  • PD provided on how to use Flip Videos
  • KnowledgeNET - all senior school and one middle school classes using eportfolios after two classes trialled in 2010.
  • Lead teachers sharing responsibility for in -house KnowledgeNET training working with team members on a
  • weekly and just in time learning basis.
  • Forums now part of homework for Middle School and Enrichment classes using eportfolios and sharing learning
  • on KNET.
  • Scheduled parents evenings for KnowledgeNET and parent user access to KNET being rolled out to classes
  • that are using eportfolios
  • Two parents have been involved in KnowledgeNET PD. Parents are working alongside students within the
  • classrooms to support learning.
  • School now has a document camera which is being used to enhance student learning
  • PD by KNET trainer to help teachers design rich learning and self paced learning tasks on KnowledgeNET.
  • New school web page designed and will be online by the end of May
  • Lead teacher now National Trainer for Activboard NZ and has run courses at our school which teachers from
  • around the region have attended
  • Geek Force of student helpers set up and trained to help teachers.
  • (These students are spread across year levels and classrooms and meet once a week to discuss technical
  • issues and develop resources.)
  • Students have developed pages which align with maths GLOSS stages for teachers to access.
  • Starting to issue ICT resources through school library to create more robust systems for managing equipment
  • Senior Management team booked for Leading a Digital School conference in early September
  • Principal travelled with other cluster Principals to visit schools in Wellington
  • ICT Action plan for 2011 presented to the BOT and teachers looked at how to implement this within their team in
  • Term 1.
  • Outside providers using our school for web based courses and new wireless network created within our current
  • system to cope with this
  • See also St Mary’s Catholic School section on VLN and Cluster wiki

Key lessons for the cluster
  • Ensuring that we constantly self review and plan our next steps
  • Ensuring we build sustainability - both for resources, KNET, SOLO, integrating ICT’s across the curriculum

Our next steps towards achieving the cluster goal/s
  • Teachers will continue to take risks and step outside their comfort zone with ICT use in the classroom for learning
  • Teachers to support cluster workshops
  • Teachers will present at the cluster workshops
  • Supporting teachers to achieve their appraisal goals
  • KNET - refining eportfolios and getting attendance and assessment data available to parents.
  • Encouraging parents to support their child’s learning with comments on KNET.
  • Providing access to parents at school to KNET for those that don’t have access at home

Emerging issues, risks, or opportunities particularly in relation to service delivery and reporting requirements
  • Ensuring ALL classes have net safety education as integral part of beginning of school year programme
  • Outside providers using school take extra time - preparation, support, strain on infrastructure
  • Providing opportunities for students to bring own mobile devices to school FOR LEARNING
  • Greater use of PLC”s within and beyond school - for both staff and students

2010 - see our week by week diary below the table too!

National Goal 1Integration of ICT to give effect to
the New Zealand Curriculum / Te Marautanga
o Aotearoa.
National Goal 2Increase capability of teachers and principals to improve students' learning and achievement through e-learning.
National Goal 3Strengthen professional learning communities and increased collaboration within and across schools.

National Goal 4
Increase e-learning leadership and ICT strategic planning capability of principals and teachers.

National Goal 5Increase the school community’s understanding of the educational contribution of e-learning.
All teachers know how to integrate ICT into their curriculum or teaching plans and do so creatively and effectively.
All staff confidently and competently utilise a range of ICTs to provide rich opportunities for creative and independent learning
Schools actively engage in PLCs and e-PLCs to build capacity and enhance effective pedagogical practices.
All schools develop and maintain a current ICT/e-learning strategic plan
The BoT and community are informed about and engaged in e-leaning.
Regular ICT discussion groups enable teachers to discuss ideas and collaborate.
An ICT Lead teacher facilitates this discussion but the teachers provide the ideas
for what they want to cover.
Teams discuss ideas for how to do this and teachers scaffold each other -
we are all learners and the learning is ongoing.
Principal and Assistant Principal both prepared and presented an inquiry based around "How do you shift teacher practice in terms of utilising ICT's to promote learning"
Teachers have taken undertaken PD and been prepared to take risks and step outside their comfort zone.
Class blogsite
Camp blogsite
Teacher blogsite for classroom use
Audioconference - Learnz fieldtrip
On the Learnz link go to audioconferences then audioconference recordings for Friday 18 June
Rooms 2 and 3 have a combined entry into Fair Go Ad awards competition
Using Wordle to develop key vocabulary
Wordle: Untitled

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT_mBT4Q70KqIvqvn2u3iQbk7Ry90SNbPJew_cdnUUGv2dRQiI&t=1&usg=__-E58TaVqJ3cbneNKNXv6pMf1Xms=

Using comiclife to write instructions.

Being creative
Below is an advertisment developed by two year 4 girls who were set the task to advertise an upcoming Mikshake stall. The students were given the brief that it needed to grabe people's attention and also share specific information. Crazytalk was used by the girls after they had learned how to use it during a Religious Education /Reading activity a few weeks earlier.After using this as a tool to share a message teh girls have discussed ways which they could develop a similar presentation but with multiple speakers rather than just the one.

ICT discussion groups within school
Thinking Curriculum Team - responsibility for ensuring we are catering for 21st Century learners in 21st Century classrooms
Visit from Catholic Principals cluster
Visit from a Year 1 and 2 teacher from St Patrick's Taupo
Sue Crocket from Kawaha Point visited St Marys to have a look at Room 9 using ICT in their daily learning. This was arranged through an ICT Lead Teacher's meeting.
Tahatai Coast School Principal and Lead Teacher visit to look at our wireless system.
Seven teachers from Cambridge Primary visit to look at Activboards and other iCT technologies.
Staff participate in Activstaff meetings for Activboard users in Rotorua.
Staff belong to PrometheanPlanet international online community for Activboard users
Three staff from our school visited Berkley Normal in Hamilton to look at how they are using Ipods in the classroom
Staff member and Principal visited Newmarket School as part of two cluster arranged trips
Three staff attended Eportfolio workshop at Rototuna in Hamilton.
SNUP documentation completed and sent off Week 3 Term 4.
ICT Implementation Plan is on display in our staffroom, issued to all staff and constantly referred to.

Regular meetings with Technology Centre staff for discussion of ideas, suggestions and advice
Learning Without Limits seminar
Class blogsite used to share learning with parents.
Using Photostory as a way of sharing learning with our parents

Developing Maths tutorials using Activinspire.

Students share their entry for the national Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers award competition with the Board, the PTA and Sigma Consulting Ltd.
ICT Lead Teacher informs BOT about our LMS and demonstrates how the Activboard can be used to help children to learn.
Use KnowledgeNet LMS. Trial school for interoperability with Musac Hosted LMS. Parent portal established and trial classes parents given access. Attendance and assessment data accessible by parents ( some have more access than others at this stage as working through the issues involved in setting this up)
BOT members all attend Cluster PD run by Jill Hammond early in the school year so that they are aware of the ICT cluster and opportunities it offers
Authentic contexts facilitate ICT integration to support depth and rigour in meaningful learning
Teachers’ planning includes effective use of ICTs, as well as emerging technologies and
practices in their teaching and learning programmes, especially in literacy and numeracy.

Schools will develop e-learning leaders by providing targeted PD opportunities for Principals and Lead ICT Teachers

At least three classes have participated in Learnz Online Fieldtrips.
Two classes have skyped a class at the Western Academy of Beijing
Lesson taken, via Skype, by a teacher at the Greenbush Science and Technology Centre in Kansas, USA.
Time spent creating the concept curriculum for 2011-2012 and deliberately planning for how ICT's will be incorporated in the learning activities.
ICT overview planned around "seek, use, create" from the Thinking Key competency.
Teachers participate in training for Activboards - whole staff PD and specialist trainer works in each classroom.
Teachers work both individually and as a team to complete online training for effective use of Activboards in classroom
Appraisal documentation requires teachers to set an ICT goal which they work towards

Staff participate in and represent our school at cluster PD opportunities.
Staff represented at BOP Elearning Group
Staff represented at Eportfolio workshop held at Rototuna
Staff visited Berkley Normal School
Staff represented at KnowledgeNet conference ( 4 staff), International IWB conference
( 3 staff), Learning at School conference ( 7 staff), Ulearn conference ( 3 staff).
Hosting teachers from other schools

All teachers' planning will be inclusive of e-learning opportunities using authentic contexts. Particular consideration will be made for the needs of Maori and Pasifika students. The indigeneity and distictiveness of Maori students should be taken into consideration to foster an understanding of the cultural identity of Maori and Pasifika students (MoE 2008b)Teachers have started to clearly show elearning opportunities in planning. The planning template we have shared for next year will help make this something that all teachers are doing.
Teachers utilise Activboards every day and for all learning areas. Have anecdotal evidence the everyday and intensive use of Interactive whiteboards really helps to engage students. The Ipads and Ipod touch being trialed in one classroom at present also seem to provide many opportunities for personalised learning and increased engagement.

For more information visit our School website and our Knowledgenet site .

Week 5 Term 4

Rocky Jensen, Digi Adviser, ran a workshop on Digistore for our staff meeting today. Other schools in our cluster were invited to send teachers and it was great to have teachers from Otonga,
Kawaha Point and Ngongotaha join us for this session. We should now all know what Digistore offers, know a number of ways to search for the type of resource we are looking for and then
be able to create learning pathways within Digistore. Hope to see some more classrooms making use of many good digital resources available on Digistore.

Week 4 Term 4

Had an extra long staff meeting this week - staff were working on creating an overview of what our concept curriculum will look like

over the next two years. Spent considerable time deciding what the driving questions should be for each term and how we will plan

to have ICT tools used as an integral part of our learning activities. Discusses what tools we could use at each level of the school

as student "Seek, Use and Create."

ICT Lead teachers and Principal involved with others in the cluster preparing milestone report. On Friday seven teachers from

Cambridge School visited. They were particularly interested in seeing how we are using the Interactive Whiteboard, the Ipod touch,

the Ipad and classroom computers to help children learn. It was great to see the exchanging of ideas happening between teachers

at both schools - particularly at morning tea time. This group of teachers were off to visit Owhata and Lynmore Schools after they left us.

Had a visit this week from Northpower who will hopefully be able to help us answer the electrical supply questions on the

SNUP upgrade documentation.



Week 4 Term 1

7 staff attended L@S conference in Rotorua. This was a fantastic fo staff to collaborate and discuss what we had been learning and how we could use

tech tools and pegagogy to enhance student learning.


Week 3 Term 4

The SNUP (School Network Upgrade Documentation) has finally been sent off. What a big task this was and a challenging one too. Pleased to see this task finished and look forward

to hearing back about timeframes for our school's network upgrade. For those of you who haven't yet done been involved in preparing this documentation you will need to have every

data point and power point in your school recorded as well as a detailed outline of the components of your school network. Every computer station has to be recorded on a map of

the school as do interactive whiteboards etc etc. It certainly wasn't a job that could be completed easily or quickly. Had to have quite a bit of assistance from both our technicians

and electrician.

Three staff attended Guy Claxton's workshop on Key Competencies in Taupo on Friday. The BOT meeting had a presentation from Team Alpha to show the work they had produced

for the Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Award. Some of the participating students parents also came to see the comprehensive project that the students had produced.

Great news during this meeting - Team Beta has shared first prize in the Year 5-8 category of this competition and the school will receive $1000 towards helping them make their project a reality.

Bevan showed the BOT how KnowledgeNet (LMS) is being used to help children to learn and how students can use ActivExpressions to text responses to the Activboard.

Board members had a chance to try out this new technology and see how effectively it can be used to assist learning.

Bevan's students helped another class get started using forums and polls on KnowledgeNet. More classes are interested in doing this too - it's very easy to set up so we hope

to have more classes involved shortly. This week we hosted the Principal and ICt Lead Teacher from Tahatai Coast School in Papamoa. They came to see our DLInk wireless

system in action as they are currently rebuilding their school ( leaky building) so looking to future proof at the same time. They were particularly interested in how the system

manages itself so that connected devices don't "drop off" as they are moved around the school. They also shared ideas for how they are using Ipads and Mac computers

throughout their school.

Shona from Tahatai Coast emailed us through the following:

Here are my bookmarks for the sites I have used to research some applications for special needs children. These are not exclusive but may be a good starting point for you.
Mostly about communications but there are also ones for social stories.
Helping autistic children with iOS devices <http://www.tuaw.com/2010/08/18/helping-autistic-children-with-ios-devices/>
The AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard speaks for those who can't <http://www.tuaw.com/2010/06/16/the-autoverbal-talking-soundboard-speaks-for-those-who-cant/>
Stories2Learn for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store <http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stories2learn/id348576875?mt=8>
<http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stories2learn/id348576875?mt=8> Proloquo2Go: Assistive communication for the iPhone and iPod touch
<http://www.tuaw.com/2009/10/21/proloquo2go-assistive-communication-for-the-iphone-and-ipod-tou> iConverse - Assisted Communication for iPhone, iPod touch,
and iPad on the iTunes App Store <http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iconverse-assisted-communication/id304852637?mt=8>
iCommunicate for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store <http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icommunicate-for-ipad/id364186415?mt=8#>
iCommunicate for <http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icommunicate-for-ipad/id364186415?mt=8#> iPrompts® for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store <http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iprompts/id313144705?mt=8>
Parent Comments on Autism, Asperger, Disability, IEP, Autism Comments. <http://www.babybumblebee.com/autism_i.htm?gclid=CP_625f1v6QCFQ-rbwodxRU-Cg>
iPhone/iPad Apps for AAC « Spectronics Blog <http://www.spectronicsinoz.com/blog/new-technologies/2010/07/iphoneipad-apps-for-aac/

Week 2 Term 4

ICT Lead Teachers Day on Friday run by Rocky Jensen and attended by two of our staff. Established some forums for our staff to complete. Heard that our application for five more

Macbooks for classes to use has been successful.

Two teams of 7 students submitted entries into the Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers competition. This is a national competition and involved approximately 30 hours of class

time for these Year 5 and 6 enrichment class students. Teams have to identify a problem or need within their neighbourhood and work towards addressing this.

Both our teams worked on redesigning the Junior Playground. An engineer was assigned to us for the duration of this project and she was a huge help and a wonderful asset.

Producing the project report was a major job and some of the students opted to spend time in the school holidays working on this. One thing that both teams of students quickly

realised was how important file management is during a project of this size and that this was definitely something that we could improve on. Students had taken hundreds of

photos and had been working on a number of computers - they quickly realised the importance of storing the photos on the server in clearly named folders!

On Tuesday representatives of both teams presented their projects to the staff at Sigma Consultants Ltd, where our engineer, Mrs So-Beer works.

Team Beta presented their project to the PTA in the hope that the PTA might be able to come up with some funding next year so the juniors could have a new playground.


Week 1 Term 4

Over the holidays we had new N computing units installed in eight classrooms. This means all classes with Year 2 students and above have six computer workstations and year

0/1 classes have 4. We are very grateful to First Sovereign Trust for all their support with this project.

At our staff meeting we introduced the upgraded KnowledgeNet known as KN2010. Staff were shown an example to demonstrate how good the new search engine is on KN2010

and how easy it is to locate really useful and relevant teaching resources. Staff were also introduced to the planning tool used for a differentiated curriculum model as found on the

Hooked on Thinking website.

Two classes have signed up till the end of January giving each student access to Mathletics.

Room 1 were pleased to have their teacher back from her trip to England, Scotland and China and they enjoyed reading her blog at www.smallboneadventures.blogspot.com
This blog is a great example of how a teacher, although they were not at school, could help students to learn. Judith also posted comments on the work her students were doing on
KnowledgeNet while she was away. Hope she did still have time to be on holiday!

The Principals from the cluster met. A new facilitator (0.5 position) has been appointed for 2011 and the same facilitator will also be working with the Rotorua Central Cluster in a 0.5 position.

We had the Special Character review team in our school this week and some of the Review team were very keen on hearing more about the use of ICT technology in our school.
There is a possibility that we could form a cluster group in KnowledgeNet with some other Catholic Schools who also use KnowledgeNet.

We have also been busy this week filling in the documentation for the School Network Upgrade Project. This has proved to be quite a challenging task - not the sort of information
that teachers really know about. Had to contact the telephone company, the electrician and computer technicians to get all the details we needed. Some of these people had to also
contact others before they could answer all the questions that were asked. Roll on ultrafast broadband!

Ulearn Conference 6-8 October

1800 teachers gathered in Christchurch for the Ulearn conference, including three of our staff. Core Education do an exceptional job of organising this conference.

Stephen Heppell from the UK provided a thought provoking keynote to end the conference. Despite not being able to predict many aspects of the future, there are some things of
which we can be certain. Stephen showed us some photos of what is already happening in some schools and outlined some challenges for the future.

Stuart Hale ran a really interesting session on Ipod Touches and IPads. The mobile technologies are something really worth looking at further. The new Ipod Touches come with
camera and audio recorders inbuilt. For about $50 more than a Flip video you can have your video camera for the classroom and have something that will also do about 80% of
what your computer can do. The apps are really inexpensive and there are NZ'ers designing apps for teachers (eg there is a running record app you can purchase from the Itunes store).
Many of our students probably already have an Ipod Touch so maybe we could do what Berkley Normal School are doing and encourage them to bring them to school.
There are implications for the school network and the managing of these devices and a good wireless system is of course another requirement. This session also covered some
of Stuart''s favourite apps and how students can easily create using this technology. Our challenge is to continue to try and find good apps for helping students "to seek, use and create."
Conference is useful for finding some others who are also using Ipod Touches in the classroom so we can share ideas for "good apps" and ideas for the management of these devices in school.

Westley Field provided a very interesting and informative presentation on Transforming Learning and Teachnology Education. He outlined trends in education
( based on OECD, Microsoft, NMC research)
  • Personalised independent learning
  • Collaborative learning (networking) Learning impact - Broken Hill example
  • Technology as critical friend (literacy) Are you literate? (buying groceries, navigating around shopping malls, starting the dishwasher, using a telephone, email)
  • Process to replace content. See You Tube link below on Kevin Kelly predicting the technology of the next 5000 days

  • Global connections eg Skoolaborate project
  • Mobile learning ( cybersafety)
  • Online learning

Lee Crockett provided a very interesting keynote.

Lane Clark challenged us to think about the Inquiry process and how we go about this in our classrooms. She reminded us that there is inquiry and then there is good inquiry.

Julia Atkin spoke about the 21C curriculum and Key Competencies

For those who find new technology a little challenging we'd like to share this Youtube video which was shown at the session titled "Practical ways for unconfident ICT
teachers to use elearning and enquiry in the Junior School"

Competitions entered by Year 5 and 6 students in Term 3

Rooms 3 and 4 created a video entry for the Fair Go Ad Awards competition. There is a limit of one entry per school so the two classes combined to prepare their entry.
A great deal of fun was had creating the movie and rumour seems to suggest that the movie about creating the movie was really the one that everyone liked best.

Rooms 1 and 3 had teams enter the Design a Front Page of the Newspaper competition - some challenges with layout tested ICT skills to the max.
Well done to all these classes for being prepared to have a go.

Week 10 Term 3 2010

The KnowledgeNet conference last weekend was really interesting and worthwhile. Lots of great ideas but also particularly enjoyed hearing Paul Seiler

who works for the MOE as Manager of Managed Learning Environments. Not sure how useful his presentation will be without the talk that went alongside it but you can

have a look at his presentation on slideshare . Interesting to also have the opportunity to speak with Mark Treadwell informally and gauge his thoughts re Mahara

(eporfolios that Ministry are funding for at least the next five years). It is now very clear to us that Mahara is the way to go because the students can take their portfolios

with them as they go to other schools then tertiary. At KnowledgeNet they have spent the last year ensuring that eportfolios we create on KnowledgeNet will be able to

be exported to Mahara. A good question to ask any Learning Management System provider is will you be able to export your eportfolios to Mahara and can they show you how.

Many great presentations at this conference and it was wonderful seeing how clusters of schools are using this LMS to work collaboratively together through the cluster zone.

On Monday we had Marianne from the Daily Post come in to take some photographs for a First Sovereign advertisement in the Daily Post. First Sovereign have provided us with financial
assistance for Activboards for 11 classrooms (2009) and computers for 12 classrooms (2010). Marianne was able to see one class skyping their teacher who is in London this week
(the class are also enjoying the blogsite their teacher has created for while she is away. Great learning happening through this!) Another class did a very good job of demonstrating
how an Activboard enhances their learning. A photo Marianne took appeared in the 23 September Daily Post on the page advertising the First Sovereign Trust.

You might be interested in joining the MLE Reference group . Anne has been following this group for a few months now and it is a great place to learn. You do get a bit bombarded
with emails each day but you can be selective - some very interesting discussions take place.

At our staff meeting on Monday we continued with mapping out our school curriculum. Also had great assistance from Jo Makgill when she visited us on Tuesday morning.
She referred us to this link which we have found particularly useful. Disregard the fact that the resource is for Year 7 and 8 - lots of useful information for those of us teaching at
Years 1-6. Good ideas for planning for writing across the curriculum.

ICT discussion group took place again this week. Teachers from our school have signed up for discussion groups at either beginning, developing or competent levels and each
group meets twice a term after school. Sessions are short and are designed for "just in time" learning to meet teacher needs. Thanks to Bevan for all the work he has put into
running these sessions this term.

We received notification that the School Network Upgrade Project documentation has been signed off by the Diocese this week. In Catholic Schools the Ministry funds 68% and the
Diocese 32% of the SNUP costs - so we hope we can look forward to some progress with SNUP now.

Leon and Moira headed off to the Maths Symposium in Gisborne on Thursday afternoon. Will be great to hear about any ICT links they hear about. Do you subscribe to the
Wilkie Way newsletter put out by Charlotte Wilkinson

Time for the holidays - Anne, Karen and Dave are heading off to Ulearn and look forward to meeting up there with others from our cluster. We feel the cluster has gone
really well this term and would like to thank Lorraine Taylor for her role in co-ordinating the cluster schools and ensuring that we have had a worthwhile term.

Week 9 Term 3 2010

On Monday Susan T and Bevan attended a Core Skills Activboard Training Day run by Rachel Clapp from Activboard NZ. Approximately 12 teachers attended the training day
held at our school. Bevan attended the session because he has been invited to be a Regional Trainer for Activboard NZ - he was able to assist Rachel and see how she ran the day.

Our school finished at 1.15pm on Monday and the staff worked from 1.30 till 5.45pm on curriculum mapping - designing our curriculum for 2011- 2112.
The staff had prepared for this session and had a very worthwhile afternoon. We spent a considerable portion of the session deciding on the key
understandings for our 8 concepts then in teams looked at possible contexts and
how to best ensure we provided a balanced programme over the two years and across all curriculum areas. Still plenty of work to be done but feeling very pleased with what
has been accomplished so far.

The KnowledgeNet conference is on in Auckland 17-18 September and Anne, Brigit, Bevan and Dave will be attending.

Sue Crocket from Kawaha Point visited St Marys to have a look at Room 9 using ICT in their daily learning. This was arranged through an ICT Lead Teacher's meeting.

Week 8 Term 3 2010

Staff meeting on Monday provided teachers with a brief introduction to the cluster wiki and staff were reminded of the cluster goals by reference to the new wall display on
ICT in the staffroom. This display outlines the cluster goals and our school three year plan for ICT - Anne and Bevan were inspired into action after seeing the awesome display
board in the Ngongotaha staffroom last week.
Big day on Saturday getting NComputing system installed in 4 junior team classrooms. Year 1 classes now have 4 new computers for student use and all other classrooms either
have, or will shortly have, a 6 user Ncomputing system. Junior team staff have been given an idea for how they might make use of these computers in their literacy or maths
programme this week - plan to keep giving ideas for student use on a regular basis.

ICT discussion group
During the discussion group the teachers investigated how to make use of the new Ncomputing systems in their rooms. The teachers had a go at accessing bookmarked
websites on the school server to aid teaching and learning in Literacyand numeracy. The teachers are to introduce their students to this learning material with a view to the
students being able to access it independently during lessons. http://www.ictgames.com/resources.html

Anne, Bevan, Karen attended the ICT Cluster Lead teachers and Principals day run by Pam Hook and Julie Mills. Dave and Leon attended for part of the day.
We we scaffolded through the process of planning a unit of work around the concept of Enterprise. Pam and Julie did a job great of guiding us and making the whole process very clear.
The steps that they took us through will be great to use with our whole staff.

Week 7 Term 3 2010 - 1 September Lead Teachers Day

The ICT Lead teachers from our cluster schools worked with Rocky Jensen to unpack the cluster goals and how as lead teachers we can assist with the achievement of these.
We looked at all five national goals and our cluster goals for each of these - then brainstormed what we could do back in our own schools. Check out the links in the cluster
goals section of this wiki for what the group put together over a couple of hours.
What next for our school?
National Goal 3 - ensure teachers at St Mary's Catholic School are aware of the cluster wiki to a) know where we are heading b) what the lead teachers are trying to do c)
collaborate and share ideas of what is happening in our cluster
National Goal 4 - Create a display in our staffoom to make the cluster goals and ICT strategic plan visible and also as a place for sharing tools and strategies that teachers
might want to utilise in the programme

Rocky Jensen emailed a great link re Ipads following the BOP Elearning Day

Week 6 Term 3 2010

On Saturday Anne joined a group of teachers from the Cluster to visit Newmarket School in Auckland. Fabulous day and worthwhile trip to look at one school's journey with SOLO and ICT
On Thursday a group of teachers met afterschool for an ICT discussion group. We were meeting tohave a general discussion abot ICT in the classroom. We had a look at a Prayer flipchart
which has been developed by students and then we started looking at some useful websites
( http://www.writingfun.com/writingfun2010.html , http://www.maths-packs.co.uk/ ).
Our discussion took us to Activinspire and we looked at using the desktop tools to insert images onto a flipchart. The teachers are going to have a go with their classes before we meet
again in a few weeks time.

Rachel Clegg, an Activboard trainer, visited our school on 23 and 24 August. She spent approximately half an hour in every classroom providing a demonstration lesson around content
suggested by the classroom teachers in each team. The purpose of this lesson was to show the students and teacher ( but particularly the teacher) how they can make even greater
use of the interactive board to aid learning. The emphasis was on activities that were interactive and the goal was to try and move the teacher out of their comfort zone so they will
experiment with using the board for more complex interactive lessons. Rachel also ran a really good staff meeting showing the staff how an Activboard can be very effective in the
Inquiry Learning Process. Teresa has attended a session on this that Rachel ran at the IWB conference and said how worthwhile it was so we organised for Rachel to redo it for our staff.
Everyone gained many useful ideas to go back and try in their classrooms.

Mrs Tootill using her IWB

Week 5 Term 3 2010

Today we began our target ICT discussion groups. Worked with self assessed 'emergent teachers. These teachers have used the St Mary's Catholic school ActivInspire
competencies sheet to target their learning. We focused on tools within ActivInspire and in particular the ready made resources in Shared activities. We also discussed
how to manage folders within "My resources". Modelled how to download and save flipcharts from Promethean Planet. The teachers have a shared goal of using resources
and joining Promethean Planet before our next discussion group later this term. This week I have been spreading the Wordle experience and two middle school teachers
(even after some technical difficulties) have used Wordle as a form of identifying key words or brainstorming.
Bevan James

Judith and Anne attended the BOP Elearning group day in Tauranga on Thursday 19 August. The focus of the day was mobile technologies and you can see some of the
things covered at this day which was facilitated by Rocky Jensen.

Week 4 Term 3 2010

Today we had Karen O'Reilly from the Diocese office in Hamilton at school. Karen gave staff guidance on using the new R.E digital resource.

Staff share ideas on how they have been using the resource to aid the student learning.

Week 4 Term 3 2010

Dave and Anne attended the Learning without Limits seminar on 9 August. This seminar was run by the MOE Looking at preparing for ultrafast broadband, SNUP,
Tela scheme, MOE software and other items. For more details about the content of this presentation check out this MOE Link

Senior Management and Bevan James attended a workshop at Rototuna School in Hamilton to take part in a session to discuss e-portfolios. In the afternoon we visited
Berkley Intermediate to see how they use ipods to help student learning and to find out how they manage and organise the use of Ipods within their school.
Our visit was very worthwhile and they have given us some very good tips and hints. We were keen to find out what educational apps they use and some of
theses are listed on their website http://www.berkley.school.nz/ . It was good finding out how they synch 20 Ipods at once and some of the setting they used for the initial set
up of the school Ipods for student use.
Gained some very useful information that we can apply at St. Mary's.

The e-portfolio http://lietze.org/?p=353 meeting at Rototuna was very informative with a range of presenters who described how they use the different platforms.
It was pleasing to hear that the philosophy of using an e-portfolio as part of the learning cycle (formative assessment and reflection/feedback) was pretty much
aligned to that of myself and our school.
Here are my notes.
Bevan James.

Week 2 Term 3 2010
Brigit, Teresa and Moira attended the International IWB Interactive Whiteboard conference in Auckland from 30-31 July. They came back with some really good ideas
which they shared with teams.

Anne's class are participating onsite in a Learnz Fieldtrip on Renewable Energy . They will visit the new wood pellet burner at Tokoroa High School with the Learnz teacher

and a Forest Energy Engineer and take part in an audioconference on Friday 18 June